Ramadhan Month!

I’m trying to play catch up with life. Consumed with work, work, events, mini-events, work. Not a weekend without getting tied up.

We need a holiday.

Not just a holiday.

I need a break. A new muse. A pinch of salt into my current bland life. Hah.


Time to gasp!

You kidding me? ME? NOT checking out gorgeous clothes? Land myself in the arms of Club Monaco Fall Collection.

Please, gasp.

But Spring’s here so~~

Yes, it is a necessity to be uber cool. =D

Source: Club Monaco

Reasons I want my ______ forwarded:

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2011.

Feast your eyes.


Hellooooo gorgeous + a cat.

Playing Fashion Magazine is featuring some GREAT shots and of course prettiest dress on a place called earth. Fashion straight off Milan’s runaway:

Photographer: Emma Tempest
Stylist: Sam Ranger
Model: Denisa Dvorakova

Source: Playing Fashion

So, Nicholas Chay -.- asked me how to draw a cat. I told him (these were my exact instructions): “One small circle, one big circle, a tail, and two triangles”.


*speechless*endless laughter*



It started with a glimpse of Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2010/2011.

Then I rushed on over to Valentino’s website and… It is all in the details!

Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011.

Ain’t it gorgeous?!


Oscars 2011.

When I was back in school, I used to wonder how in the WORLD am I ever gonna watch Oscars when I start working?

I would contemplate to take a day off. Seriously. I still would actually. But here at the orange office, we have a TV that tunes in to E! most of the time. Naturally I assumed we had all the channels, little did I know, it is shown exclusively on Star Movies, which orange office did not subscribed to.

BLERGH. Then I went on Oscars Blackout for the day till I got back, plop in front of the TV and watch Oscars replay.

I REALLY LOVE THE OSCARS. My favourite host of all time is Hugh Jackman please check him out here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Terhj8mjPwY

ANYWAY.. remember the Elie Saab post I did?

Well check out who wore Elie Saab to Oscars~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*nods in total approval*
I love Mila Kunis.

So pretty~~

Oh and I’m really happy Social Network did not win Best Motion Picture 2011.


Pretty Dresses.

More pretty dresses =)

Erin Fetherston:

Lovely right? More here: Erin Fetherston

Pretty cool: