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Ramadhan Month!

I’m trying to play catch up with life. Consumed with work, work, events, mini-events, work. Not a weekend without getting tied up.

We need a holiday.

Not just a holiday.

I need a break. A new muse. A pinch of salt into my current bland life. Hah.

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Time to gasp!

You kidding me? ME? NOT checking out gorgeous clothes? Land myself in the arms of Club Monaco Fall Collection.

Please, gasp.

But Spring’s here so~~

Yes, it is a necessity to be uber cool. =D

Source: Club Monaco


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Reasons I want my ______ forwarded:

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2011.

Feast your eyes.

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Hellooooo gorgeous + a cat.

Playing Fashion Magazine is featuring some GREAT shots and of course prettiest dress on a place called earth. Fashion straight off Milan’s runaway:

Photographer: Emma Tempest
Stylist: Sam Ranger
Model: Denisa Dvorakova

Source: Playing Fashion

So, Nicholas Chay -.- asked me how to draw a cat. I told him (these were my exact instructions): “One small circle, one big circle, a tail, and two triangles”.


*speechless*endless laughter*

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It started with a glimpse of Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2010/2011.

Then I rushed on over to Valentino’s website and… It is all in the details!

Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011.

Ain’t it gorgeous?!

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Oscars 2011.

When I was back in school, I used to wonder how in the WORLD am I ever gonna watch Oscars when I start working?

I would contemplate to take a day off. Seriously. I still would actually. But here at the orange office, we have a TV that tunes in to E! most of the time. Naturally I assumed we had all the channels, little did I know, it is shown exclusively on Star Movies, which orange office did not subscribed to.

BLERGH. Then I went on Oscars Blackout for the day till I got back, plop in front of the TV and watch Oscars replay.

I REALLY LOVE THE OSCARS. My favourite host of all time is Hugh Jackman please check him out here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Terhj8mjPwY

ANYWAY.. remember the Elie Saab post I did?

Well check out who wore Elie Saab to Oscars~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*nods in total approval*
I love Mila Kunis.

So pretty~~

Oh and I’m really happy Social Network did not win Best Motion Picture 2011.

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Pretty Dresses.

More pretty dresses =)

Erin Fetherston:

Lovely right? More here: Erin Fetherston

Pretty cool:

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