Christmas in 8.

Christmas, my most favourite holiday! This would also mean the year is coming to an end! What a year! 2015 have been fabulous to me. Anyway, back to Christmas. It’s all about the magic that surrounds us, where our real world tries to imitate dreams. Large candylands, lights everywhere, random santa’s, elves and presents. It is as though almost universally the world dreams a better place throughout the month of December.

This year we will be celebrating Christmas and New Years up north in Chiang Rai, Phayao and Chiang Mai with my parents. I hope it’ll be a blast minus the drama.

Very quickly for memory’s sake I would like a quick scroll through my year:

January 2015
1) Strolled through the old part of Bangkok and ended up in a train station.
2) Made pizza for the first time!
3) Then Yuenny & Maren came over for a short trip and I followed them back to KL.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.12.11 PM.png

February 2015
1) I was stuck with the name Linda Biloba Khoo for a month (Facebook has a policy where they do not allow you to edit your name for a month), thanks to a terrible bet I lost. Here’s the story.
2) 50 Shades of Grey, the movie, rolled out on Valentine’s Day and my mom asked about it.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.18.28 PM
3) We had our very first Chinese New Year reunion together, at home.
4) Flew back to Malaysia and prepped for our KL wedding. My dearest fam and friends all did their best for us.<3
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.17.55 PM.png

March 2015
1) 1st of March, our big day! Chaos, insane, full of love and maybe some tears and panic.
2) Flew to Norway for our honeymoon! Oslo > Bergen > Tromso!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.19.54 PM.png
4) Of course the huskies were the 2nd highlight!!
5) Made my first snowman which my mom called it “so ugly”.
5) Nic sang with a bird -.-

April 2015
1) Brother Orange happened.
2) Back in Malaysia again, celebrated Yuenny’s 27th!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.23.52 PM.png
4) After falling asleep in the movies, we crossed the street for McD. There we witness an old man having a vanilla cone and then begin to tear up. It was really sad.

May 2015
1) Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather.
2) Jes Wey came to visit! =) We had #spanxadventures
3) Pinky sent a snail mail from San Fran (kinda, she bought it there, mailed it from SG -.-)
4) Got wheeled out of EmQuartier after passing out after less than a quarter of Sangria. Then I was forced to an emergency room with IV drip through my vein. #imsolame
5) Emergency trip back to KL! Again!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.36.11 PM
6) Yuenny’s back in Bangkok *partays*
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.26.49 PM.png

June 2015
1) Kanchanaburi roadtrip.
2) Legalised same sex marriage in U.S.A.!
3) Scored a write up on our Thai Wedding =)
4) We had a date night in paintbar.. very fun. No alcohol for me!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.38.18 PM

July 2015
1) 1MDB scandal broke.
2) Pinky the mantao in Bangkok!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.45.52 PM
3) First time trying cronut, delish!!
4) Received a postcard from Jacqkie from Japan! Again, kinda, bought in Japan, mailed from Sabah.
5) Flew back to Malaysia for my birthday!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.44.03 PM

August 2015
1) Celebrated my birthday with fam & friends.
2) A bomb exploded in front of Erawan Shrine.

September 2015
1) Mom stays with us for 2 weeks! The food joy & company..! Late nights and practical nonsense.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.49.19 PM
2) The Red Shirt Rally </3
3) Had brunch with Felicia at Roast EmQuartier and that’s the start of our TaiTai lives!

October 2015
1) MIL flew over for over a week, but I fell terribly ill soon after.
2) Discovery of Central Embassy & PAUL’S.

November 2015
1) Flew up north for almost 2 weeks to spend time with mom.
2) We stayed in Chiang Rai for a night and bought back too many Orchids which wilted the very next day.
3) Wore wigs for the first time, we’re Kpop stars now!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.54.06 PM
4) Paris bombings.
5) Yuenny’s back in Bangkok and just in time for Loi Krathong! We celebrated our very first Loi Krathong in Bangkok *omm*
6) Roadtrip to the original floating market, quite disappointed at the size and at the 90%-souvenirs.
7) Went to a husky dog cafe. These particular bunch aren’t very I-want-your-love dogs. Makes me miss my give-me-all-you-have dog back home.

December 2015
1) Chand joined us! 3am’s, eyebags.. fell sick again. Worth it to have these two!
2) My best girlfriends took Spot out for a day of fun. Bet he have never been happier.
3) Spot’s with Dee now. Showered with love and attention. Daily snippets of his adorable nonsense.



Road Trip Four!

It seems I’d been on trips every month! Tanjong Jara, Chiang Mai, Singapore & Cameron Highlands!

It was tradition to head back to Thailand every 2 years for a month during winter. But ever since I started working, that just didn’t seem feasible. My last trip, 2010, for 5 days. But that didn’t include everyone. There had been many times, dad organised family trips to Cameron, Fraser’s, but uh, yeah.

So here’s the the first family trip of 2012!

They went up on Friday. We, worked on Friday. Haha.
So on Saturday… It was a rather long drive, must be the windy roads. Fed ourselves with very healthy & scrumptious McDonalds. =P

There’s a live in chef who cooks pretty scrumptious food. The highlight, ginger bread pudding with custard sauce. Oh yums. And we always seem to end our meal with strawberries. Oh, she makes really yummy crepe pancakes too – glazed with sugar and butter.

We were there till Tuesday morning, what do you really do in Cameron Highlands? Well, during the day time, we tried to be tourists – tea plantation, pasar malam, strawberry farm, organic farm, mushroom farm, a cafe recommended by Lonely Planet. When we are back in the house, we snuggle up to a book, or Dexter on TV. Sometimes, we fall asleep. During the nights, we have a lengthy dinner, wine, play King of Opera, Gravity Guy, Globe Trotters. One night, we watched Lee Chong Wei.

Here’s my sis being a sis. She found a spot. Hid. And scare the crap out of my brother.

But, her karma was returned when Nic placed a bug by her head while she was asleep. Oh that went very well. She had a spasm before her body could react to the messages she’d been sending from her brain. Haha. She finally jumped rolled outta it.

But what I really love about this place is the cosy bungalow. Nic said, “Think if I live here for another 2,3 months, I could grow my hair back.” Awh, silly deluded Snoopy *blow kisses*.

How did we end our trip?
That soup in Tanjong Malim.

No plans for the month of April though. Maybe a road trip!


Who are you again?

On the scale of one to ten, where are you on the pace, ten being the highest…

Well, about 7.

Last night.

The big 50.

The sweet 16.

Dad decided to celebrate his 50th and Ter’s 16th together! All dolled up, we headed to Hilton for dinner. Chinese style of course. And I ordered that terribly addictive Mille Crepe cake from Humble Beginnings. I used to not like it, but now I’m on a constant crave for it. I just love feeling the layers on my tongue. Hmm.

Yes, I am aware of Nic’s presence. He was cordially invited (by my dad. *horror*) to attend the ‘official’ celebration too. He even swooned my grandma. And man, that’s heart of stone!

Mille Crepe, Mille Crepe, Mille Crepe.

At 3pm today, we were clocked to attend Boom! It was Timo’s idea of being/feeling cultured. I might have dozed off a little bit. In my defense, my system is screwed up from the meds I take. But the narrator was hilarious.

Ended my day with dinner with his……………………… family.






So now we are even. Had dinner the grandma. What month is it again?

❤ Doodles~

When somebody loves you.

It felt like a long week busy-caught up with our work lives. Me, dangling my legs about, reading a book. My hands, kept busy making/buying presents. It was Valentine’s. That means, daddy’s birthday. We got him an iPhone 4s. That 5 year old SE KSomethingSomething should go. Just a simple steamboat dinner, with the loved ones and Raspberry Dessert Wine, real soft and sweet.

Finally caught up for dinner last night. Just us at Ben’s. Exchanging our daily stories and table topics. That’s when you know it’s right, when there’s a story from two. And then…

Hello Dee, how I’ve missed you.

We had a short catch up. All the deeds down. Secrets, engagements, relationships. All out there to be thawed over coffee, tea and leather couch.

Till next time love.


Till next year~

The year end’s here… and the usual, the family will head up to Thailand for winter and will return to hot Malaysian shores when we could flip to a new calendar. Except for me *miserable*. Dad keeps asking whether I want him to book the happy ticket but…. *drags feet* I can’t do the whole leave thing. Heck, there are so many ‘compulsory’ attendance that I’m pretty sure I have to skip my yearly ‘balik kampung’. *wails*

Slight change of plans this year, mom’s heading there first. Dad & bro will be heading for a cruise before flying up north. 0.o What about ME?! Spot and I will be rekindling our friendship whilst waiting for my sister to fly back from India. And this morning, we saw her off =(

I saw shoes that I really liked and is only sold at the airport. Hmmm~~~ I’ll be there at the airport again on the 10th. Now, I wouldn’t mind~~ waiting… just a while.. I can hear Rahrah scolding me already. Man… it’s a different shoe! *sigh*

Without mom = without food. By the time I get home and attempt to cook, I think dad and bro will grumble till my ears bleed.  Maybe I’ll finally use the Crock Pot book. The other day she made this soup. I would like to tell you I that I remember the name, but I don’t. What’s in this soup? Something like with chicken, coconut juice & the meat, lemon grass, tomatoes, sengkuang, lime leaves, chilis… *taps tummy*

Till next year mom *kiss kiss*. Now, who’s gonna host a party sooon~~~ ?

There are times, where Wendy aka Dumbledee, bring treats! She usually bakes them, or her sister. This time, she brought Guinness cupcakes! Do NOT know what Guinness tastes like, but this is delicious. Look (want the recipe? Please ask @awendyy):

Did I mention, a few weeks ago we (family) decided to go all the way to Perak for lunch? All for this soup. Pre-ordered. One each. Worth every penny/cent. Now I feel so chinese. Hahahaha..
I know, there are sharkfins in it, I am usually against eating it, however, this is out of courtesy. =D

Now I’m really sleepy. And I see my Sunday twisting against my wish. So I shall do my weekly clearing my mess of a room and read a non-Middle Eastern book. I think I’ve read too much of those.



A weekend’s worth.

Love how we had a long weekend ahead of us! Couldn’t wait for it to begin after a horrid week!

Thursday Night.

Maren, the bold colour lover, talked about shoes and I introduced her……. Bershka! Hahahaaa… Was first introduced to it by The Indo. She have relatives in Spain and when she saw it in UK, she got all happy and excited. But the only time I bought something was in Galeries Lafayette. First item purchased in Paris. Which reminds me, it’d been a while since I last wore my jeans top. Lalalaa~~

Didn’t lighten my wallet this time around, had some ice cream though. My fav store, Baskin Robbins. And we spotted a dude, in erm.. check out the pic.

Friday Night.

We decided to pop over to Mukha. A few of us were craving the yummilicious Banoffee pie. I reckon they should have a thicker layer of banana, but, I suppose I could/should try to make these one day. Wendy & Rahrah have tried to! Oh, oh.


And on Saturday, some of the nuffies & churpies attended the Chatime event @ Publika. For those of you who have not been there, should! Imagine Jaya One + Solaris + Bangsar all wrapped into one. Artsy Fartsy. Love it.

Then I retired to this……………………. *grins*


Took a ride down south. Hellooo.. Malacca, again! This time, with colleagues (Yuenny, Wendy, Maren, Wai Ping, Timo, Mimi, Rahrah +1 (Wei) and Kal) !
I may be seen carrying my lappie around, but that’s only because I worked in the car. That’s really it! Rest I dedicated it to.. being a part of the million gazillion tourists on Jonker Street -.-

Usually, during the nights (that I stay in), my brother will pop into my room or vice versa and when the doors open, our first words to each other are ‘Watchu doing?’ Then we’ll do the usual,  hanging out together,  playing the iPod or Skyping (he skypes on the daily basis with his friends -.-) or sometimes reading (not him obviously) or watching Big Bang Theory/Weeds/Friends/YouTube videos. That’s how I got to know NigaHiga and he’s pretty darn handsome awesome. =P


Next day, mom and I decided to go shopping!! =D You see, we really needed… nothing. So off we went =P

Normally, by the time I get home, I see the moonlight. So we usually spend weekends, in the evening, with Spot. Because we love him just thaaaa-saturdaysunday-tttt much. Since we are remodeling our bathrooms, we’ve got lotsa boxes. Dad & bro decided to turn a few into Spot’s bungalow. Check it out! Sometimes we climb in. Here’s a picture of Chester in it. And he’s like…. 170+ tall. (If you see the scratched/torn door, that’s because we locked Spot in. Hahahahaha!)

Did you know Spot eats.. plants? I know dogs eat a certain type of plant when they feel sick. But Spot does that because he likes it too -.- He is SO WEIRD sometimes. So my dad planted a pot for him. They take it out from time to time for Spot to munch on it. Spot is SO WEIRD.
And THAT, sums up my eventful weekend =)


SPOT IS SO WEIRD!!! [Can’t get over it]

With the hazy skies & the full faced moon.

My favourite Chinese festival.

It must be the glow of the candles and the old paper lanterns. Though this year, the moon was outshined by the haze.

Mom said “Oh tonight we can light up candles!” (So there goes my Chatime~ =P )

–*remember to hover over.

Mom and her tea candles. And we begged mom for McD. You see, it all started when McD sent a brochure promoting its latest “Family Dinner Set”. So eventhough, it was only for me and my brother. We still went for it. Bah, glutton.

Spot was all by himself. Poor sod. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He was let out soon nuff! Funny story (not really but..), last year Spot burnt his whiskers when he came too close to the candle. He learnt is lesson. Just erm, I wanted to see what he would do if i put his toy – ring circling the tea candle. Spot zoomed in for it and erm, kinda, sorta, dipped his nose into the wax. Heh, I felt so bad. *kiss kiss* He forgave me alright. He kissed/licked me.

My brother, Chester, is utterly disgusting. Seriously. He found a slug and he murdered it. Not only that he dipped it in wax. He poked it with a satay stick and burnt it till it fizzled. Gross.

Then Yuenny arrived. In her Legendary Green Myvi. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, back in 2006. Yuenny received her license. And her Myvi. But we never saw this Myvi. It was kept hidden for AT LEAST a year or two. It grew fungus. True story.

Mom started a fire. For us to roast marshmallows and she barbequed glutinous rice – flattened, brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt. A thai snack. We even barbequed some for Spot (without oil or salt)! He was such a pig.

Yuenny found a goose feather. That’s because my mom was fluffling the insides our sofa earlier this evening. We even had young green mango and sliced fresh lemon in water. We’re helping Yuenny in a fat race. After tempting her with.. GongCha. Pfft. Failed.

It was a good night.. A pretty night.
Work begins tomorrow. Must it really?

*sad* toodles~