Christmas in 8.

Christmas, my most favourite holiday! This would also mean the year is coming to an end! What a year! 2015 have been fabulous to me. Anyway, back to Christmas. It’s all about the magic that surrounds us, where our real world tries to imitate dreams. Large candylands, lights everywhere, random santa’s, elves and presents. It is as though almost universally the world dreams a better place throughout the month of December.

This year we will be celebrating Christmas and New Years up north in Chiang Rai, Phayao and Chiang Mai with my parents. I hope it’ll be a blast minus the drama.

Very quickly for memory’s sake I would like a quick scroll through my year:

January 2015
1) Strolled through the old part of Bangkok and ended up in a train station.
2) Made pizza for the first time!
3) Then Yuenny & Maren came over for a short trip and I followed them back to KL.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.12.11 PM.png

February 2015
1) I was stuck with the name Linda Biloba Khoo for a month (Facebook has a policy where they do not allow you to edit your name for a month), thanks to a terrible bet I lost. Here’s the story.
2) 50 Shades of Grey, the movie, rolled out on Valentine’s Day and my mom asked about it.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.18.28 PM
3) We had our very first Chinese New Year reunion together, at home.
4) Flew back to Malaysia and prepped for our KL wedding. My dearest fam and friends all did their best for us.<3
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.17.55 PM.png

March 2015
1) 1st of March, our big day! Chaos, insane, full of love and maybe some tears and panic.
2) Flew to Norway for our honeymoon! Oslo > Bergen > Tromso!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.19.54 PM.png
4) Of course the huskies were the 2nd highlight!!
5) Made my first snowman which my mom called it “so ugly”.
5) Nic sang with a bird -.-

April 2015
1) Brother Orange happened.
2) Back in Malaysia again, celebrated Yuenny’s 27th!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.23.52 PM.png
4) After falling asleep in the movies, we crossed the street for McD. There we witness an old man having a vanilla cone and then begin to tear up. It was really sad.

May 2015
1) Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather.
2) Jes Wey came to visit! =) We had #spanxadventures
3) Pinky sent a snail mail from San Fran (kinda, she bought it there, mailed it from SG -.-)
4) Got wheeled out of EmQuartier after passing out after less than a quarter of Sangria. Then I was forced to an emergency room with IV drip through my vein. #imsolame
5) Emergency trip back to KL! Again!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.36.11 PM
6) Yuenny’s back in Bangkok *partays*
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.26.49 PM.png

June 2015
1) Kanchanaburi roadtrip.
2) Legalised same sex marriage in U.S.A.!
3) Scored a write up on our Thai Wedding =)
4) We had a date night in paintbar.. very fun. No alcohol for me!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.38.18 PM

July 2015
1) 1MDB scandal broke.
2) Pinky the mantao in Bangkok!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.45.52 PM
3) First time trying cronut, delish!!
4) Received a postcard from Jacqkie from Japan! Again, kinda, bought in Japan, mailed from Sabah.
5) Flew back to Malaysia for my birthday!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.44.03 PM

August 2015
1) Celebrated my birthday with fam & friends.
2) A bomb exploded in front of Erawan Shrine.

September 2015
1) Mom stays with us for 2 weeks! The food joy & company..! Late nights and practical nonsense.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.49.19 PM
2) The Red Shirt Rally </3
3) Had brunch with Felicia at Roast EmQuartier and that’s the start of our TaiTai lives!

October 2015
1) MIL flew over for over a week, but I fell terribly ill soon after.
2) Discovery of Central Embassy & PAUL’S.

November 2015
1) Flew up north for almost 2 weeks to spend time with mom.
2) We stayed in Chiang Rai for a night and bought back too many Orchids which wilted the very next day.
3) Wore wigs for the first time, we’re Kpop stars now!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.54.06 PM
4) Paris bombings.
5) Yuenny’s back in Bangkok and just in time for Loi Krathong! We celebrated our very first Loi Krathong in Bangkok *omm*
6) Roadtrip to the original floating market, quite disappointed at the size and at the 90%-souvenirs.
7) Went to a husky dog cafe. These particular bunch aren’t very I-want-your-love dogs. Makes me miss my give-me-all-you-have dog back home.

December 2015
1) Chand joined us! 3am’s, eyebags.. fell sick again. Worth it to have these two!
2) My best girlfriends took Spot out for a day of fun. Bet he have never been happier.
3) Spot’s with Dee now. Showered with love and attention. Daily snippets of his adorable nonsense.



Last weekend in Malaysia.

Husband: Have you packed?
Me: No..
Husband: Wait what?

Right. It’s not that I’m not ecstatic or excited over shifting. I am! It’s just that my room is half filled with sewing materials and equipments, so I’m pretty lazy to shift it away and lug the luggage out to pack.

Attended sewing class for the last time. I don’t particularly like my sewing class. I don’t really want to write out why in public, but let’s just wrap it up as: it’s sufficient knowledge if you would like to sew clothes for your toddlers who wouldn’t know what fashion is and could be your guinea.

I also finally collected our wedding bands. Really. Finally. At first I loved Love & Co because of their service and their selection. It then lead to frustration of the time length it took for just engraving. We left our rings for it on 6th April and I only managed to get it back on 24th May. A little absurd if you ask me. Although they said they could ship the rings to Thailand, they told us we’d to pay for taxes and what not, so I gave up on ‘searching for other options’. They told me because of the very lengthy delay, they prepared a wedding gift. I deliberately acted cordial when I was told so, to make sure the highlight of my concern was solely on the delivery of the rings, not that my happiness could be bought (It would have been a lie if it’s diamonds). The gift:

Turns out it was lucky I wasn’t enthu.

Good news is, I think I’ve finally settled on a venue. Nic’s asking me if I do like it, if I do, we’re ticking it off our list! Let’s see how the final negotiations go.

I woke up real late. Back in high school kind of late: 12:45pm. I guess my body’s catching up on sleep as I really do spend my hours/that’s what I like to tell myself. I practically prepped sewing materials for the remainder of the day. Whipped up a simple dinner for the family and went back to it. OH, I PACKED. Yes, that I really packed. I did my laundry and I packed.. half a luggage. The other half’s just shoes! It can’t be kept just yet.

Also I’ve planned my outfit for the entire week. All dresses for a quick folds before leaving for good! Let’s see how I’d planned my week:

Monday: Dins with R&D Team ❤ I heart them to bits. I really do. They are all boys/guys/men/whatever and they tend to lookout for me. Regardless of how many pranks I pull on them or how merciless my public shaming them gets (in a funny way! Not the i-want-you-to-look-bad-in-front-of-your-peers).
Tuesday: Meet with the venue people and drop by the in laws’/my house.
Wednesday: Dins with my favourite people in the world. </3 I’m going to miss them so much.
Thursday: Grandma time.. I really should.
Friday: I’m guessing packing? Packing. No sewing.

On another note, I’ve packed up in the office. I don’t want to be carrying out this box on the last day. I rather slip away unceremoniously.

Want to see my wedding bands?! I’ll post Nic one’s up when it reaches his finger alright!

The Rock
I love the rock. I love the bands. The engagement ring is held by two hearts. He told me he’s giving his heart to me. *shakes sappiness off*. The Wedding Bands are in tri-colour. Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. I love how skinny the bands are and also how it completes this entire ring to something unique. I’m all for the odd if you know me. My husband once told me:

Because I know you. And you, like to be different.

I guess that’s why I said yes!

A girl I once knew.

I’m always fuzzy of my past. I remember it clearer in my dreams, and reliving it.

She drew for me. She taught me how to draw. She made me an into an anime. She drew comics, got it published and paid for it. She taught me how to play the guitar. She taught me to paint. She tried teaching me Japanese. She was my everyday. She drew a character that we both fell in love with. Funny. She shared her frustrations and dreams. We spoke on the phone after school everyday, before school too. 10am and 8pm. We were the best of friends. This was through primary and half of secondary school.

And then, I got distracted. It might have been the routes we choose to study. It might have been the silly boys. It might have been.. just me being selfish.

But we wrote. She wrote to me with three different e-mail addresses. I still have the fondest memories of us. I’m a terrible friend, and an even worse best friend. I have tried looking for her, about 5 years ago? Let’s see how this round goes.

We’re not only drifting apart a hundred miles an hour, so I keep accounts that she is from Galaxy Ordinary, where she makes one statement after another by endorsing overrated popularity and having mindless fidelity over extremely commercialized icons and such, type-of trend-flo- that she believes has been set for herself and the rest of the population on earth, or else you’re considered as violating rules.

But on the other hand, I tend to develop a distaste towards things that are highly acclaimed to be popular commercialized and publicized, another saying is that I dislike things once they get too popular, and so that in that way, I know that speciality has been reserved for me.”
– Kat. My funny girl with geeky specs.

An hour of wild.

You know how a Bachelorette night is usually kept underwraps, the whole ‘what-happened-during-the-party’ part?

Ya, not this.

Sara sweet and innocent?

r6 r5 r4

At times she gets mad:


And drinks to drown her worries:

r1(stolen pic from AAA)

Or seem oblivious:


Having said all that, she still maintains composure:


But one night, just over an hour, she allowed her inhibitions to run wild:

4 5 8 9 11(The baker is awesome – Angeline Stanley)

That’s for 9 years!! xx






Worst Best Friend.

Last year, 2011, on June 18th I was at Cold Storage, picking out wine. And I recalled Chand have excellent taste in wine, so I rang her up. Went on and on about it when she said:

“Have you forgotten? It’s my birthday today!”

Then she wouldn’t speak to me. Damn. I was under the list worst-friend-on-earth for a week.

This June 18th, 2012, I had something to rant about. Whipped out my ever ready with horrible connection BlackBerry and begin ranting.

“Instead of wallowing in the past, why don’t focus on the present, like how you’ve forgotten my birthday, AGAIN! Despite the reminder.”



For real?

Worst best friend ever.

People shouldn’t have June babies. Seriously. NO JUNE BABIES!

*Weird Fact: I can’t remember June birthdays. It won’t stick.

I’m sorry Chand. I do love you. And Happy Birthday ❤

Thank you for still loving me after forgetting you twice in a row.

And heck Yuenny, how dare you jump queue once I reminded yah?! Monkey.


If I could label all my bestfriends. I might just right now.

The kind where when I vent, they would be on the same zigzag ride of emotion that I’m feeling, even though it may be extremely unreasonable. They would not just nod to it, they would play on it and stab on how vicious life could be. Or somewhere along those lines. They would laugh at my cynical ways and twist it and make it a cake. They would tell me their life story and level with me – not play who’s worse off. We would derail our conversation, into fairies and unicorns and come back to the pinch of nerve that I’m in. Telling the same story a million times around – rephrased with the same ending, will never faze them. They would listen   without the help of alcoholic beverages, and make a king out of your feelings. 

They would know your true fears, hatred, darkest memory. They are use to your habits, thoughts. They know your favourite lace, bedroom tramps, names that you’ll never write on birth certificates, and men you shouldn’t date. Sometimes, they might just slap you with the truth. Bugger that hurts.

Have you ever tasted perfume? 

Getting lost in Tambun.

Road trip Number 5! Yea, we made it. A quick one. Just over the weekend. We thought Ipoh would be something different. Lost World of Tambun –  was to be the highlight!

All six of us, rolled up into two cars. Begun our journey at 7:30am. Grabbed our toxic – Milo & Nescafe. And off we went!

Brekkie at Ming’s Court. Packed! Even bumped into my Grandma and cousins. Random. Their dimsums are incredibly tiny! But delicious though. The two Nicholas’ kept searching for paus. Asked each and every waiter/waitress. After 20 minutes, they caught it hot from the oven.

Checked in and headed straight for Lost World of Tambun. We were all ready for water slides and other non-friendly-camera activities, so, no pictures! Dipped ourselves in hot springs too! Very hot! We even munched on delicious pizza right after that. Oh, you know those tubes that you have to rent? We lost one of them, we scoured almost everywhere. o.0 found it with a white dude and an indian chick.

Back to the hotel, showered and off we went! Rounded a million times before we settled on a chinese restaurant that I can’t recall. Oddly, even at 7pm, the town’s sleeping! Do Ipoh people stay home for dinner? We stopped by Pasar Malam after that, sneaked away to get Karen’s birthday cake. Hah! Went for a massage too. By the time we got in the car, it was 10pm, and we were sleepy.

But heck, we spotted McDonald’s drive thru and we KL-hopeless-people, had to. Of course we had to. Now, we are all sleepy headed people, with a whole lot of booze stocked up and a cake to blow.

The prep: Nic & I, had the cake and candles ready, knocked on Michelle’s door to check if Maren’s camping there. Turns out, happy greedy monkeys were busy gobbling food in there. So, headed back to my room to prep the cake, calling Timo & Mimi to find out Karen’s age because we are doubting. No, Facebook did not help.

By the time we got there, with the candles all lit up, knocked on the door, they (Karen + Waiping) left -.- Gawds. So we blew the candle and waited. With no warning, there came a knock on the door. No, it wasn’t Waiping. WHY WHY WHY did she NOT shower first?! Quickly attempted to light the candles, I went over to help Nic with it, he was lighting the very last one, Michelle was turning off the lights, slammed the door pretending she just got out of the bathroom and… Nic blew off the match that lit the candles…

and accidentally he blew ALL the candles. The room was in pitched black, and Karen’s been knocking on the door for a good 5 minutes. Totally fishy.

Haha. Failed much?

Such a funny incident! Then Karen decided to reuse the cake for Waiping/Pinky.

For booze, we had Moscato and Heineken accompanied by a drinking game, that made us seem almost too ridiculous. Slightly after midnight we called it a night, because next early morning we’ve got to pick up those huge egg tarts!

I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO GET UP. It was 7am. I didn’t care for diamond bribes. I just whined and rolled in the sheets. But I had to…with or without diamonds, I got up and out with the gps in my hand that DID NOT help to search for that Crown logo egg tart shop.

See I tied it that way because… Have you met Nic’s driving?

We both ended up at Foh San for breakfast. Quite delicious too. Then we met up with the rest for white coffee, toast and roasted pork! Back to the hotel, packed and to Chicken Rice! And after an hour on the road on the way back to KL, we stopped by at Bidor for Duck Noodles.

So full. Not even funny. Nic and I went for a swim later that evening. I’d no idea where that energy came from.

❤ next stop, WORK!