Christmas in 8.

Christmas, my most favourite holiday! This would also mean the year is coming to an end! What a year! 2015 have been fabulous to me. Anyway, back to Christmas. It’s all about the magic that surrounds us, where our real world tries to imitate dreams. Large candylands, lights everywhere, random santa’s, elves and presents. It is as though almost universally the world dreams a better place throughout the month of December.

This year we will be celebrating Christmas and New Years up north in Chiang Rai, Phayao and Chiang Mai with my parents. I hope it’ll be a blast minus the drama.

Very quickly for memory’s sake I would like a quick scroll through my year:

January 2015
1) Strolled through the old part of Bangkok and ended up in a train station.
2) Made pizza for the first time!
3) Then Yuenny & Maren came over for a short trip and I followed them back to KL.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.12.11 PM.png

February 2015
1) I was stuck with the name Linda Biloba Khoo for a month (Facebook has a policy where they do not allow you to edit your name for a month), thanks to a terrible bet I lost. Here’s the story.
2) 50 Shades of Grey, the movie, rolled out on Valentine’s Day and my mom asked about it.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.18.28 PM
3) We had our very first Chinese New Year reunion together, at home.
4) Flew back to Malaysia and prepped for our KL wedding. My dearest fam and friends all did their best for us.<3
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.17.55 PM.png

March 2015
1) 1st of March, our big day! Chaos, insane, full of love and maybe some tears and panic.
2) Flew to Norway for our honeymoon! Oslo > Bergen > Tromso!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.19.54 PM.png
4) Of course the huskies were the 2nd highlight!!
5) Made my first snowman which my mom called it “so ugly”.
5) Nic sang with a bird -.-

April 2015
1) Brother Orange happened.
2) Back in Malaysia again, celebrated Yuenny’s 27th!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.23.52 PM.png
4) After falling asleep in the movies, we crossed the street for McD. There we witness an old man having a vanilla cone and then begin to tear up. It was really sad.

May 2015
1) Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather.
2) Jes Wey came to visit! =) We had #spanxadventures
3) Pinky sent a snail mail from San Fran (kinda, she bought it there, mailed it from SG -.-)
4) Got wheeled out of EmQuartier after passing out after less than a quarter of Sangria. Then I was forced to an emergency room with IV drip through my vein. #imsolame
5) Emergency trip back to KL! Again!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.36.11 PM
6) Yuenny’s back in Bangkok *partays*
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.26.49 PM.png

June 2015
1) Kanchanaburi roadtrip.
2) Legalised same sex marriage in U.S.A.!
3) Scored a write up on our Thai Wedding =)
4) We had a date night in paintbar.. very fun. No alcohol for me!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.38.18 PM

July 2015
1) 1MDB scandal broke.
2) Pinky the mantao in Bangkok!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.45.52 PM
3) First time trying cronut, delish!!
4) Received a postcard from Jacqkie from Japan! Again, kinda, bought in Japan, mailed from Sabah.
5) Flew back to Malaysia for my birthday!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.44.03 PM

August 2015
1) Celebrated my birthday with fam & friends.
2) A bomb exploded in front of Erawan Shrine.

September 2015
1) Mom stays with us for 2 weeks! The food joy & company..! Late nights and practical nonsense.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.49.19 PM
2) The Red Shirt Rally </3
3) Had brunch with Felicia at Roast EmQuartier and that’s the start of our TaiTai lives!

October 2015
1) MIL flew over for over a week, but I fell terribly ill soon after.
2) Discovery of Central Embassy & PAUL’S.

November 2015
1) Flew up north for almost 2 weeks to spend time with mom.
2) We stayed in Chiang Rai for a night and bought back too many Orchids which wilted the very next day.
3) Wore wigs for the first time, we’re Kpop stars now!
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.54.06 PM
4) Paris bombings.
5) Yuenny’s back in Bangkok and just in time for Loi Krathong! We celebrated our very first Loi Krathong in Bangkok *omm*
6) Roadtrip to the original floating market, quite disappointed at the size and at the 90%-souvenirs.
7) Went to a husky dog cafe. These particular bunch aren’t very I-want-your-love dogs. Makes me miss my give-me-all-you-have dog back home.

December 2015
1) Chand joined us! 3am’s, eyebags.. fell sick again. Worth it to have these two!
2) My best girlfriends took Spot out for a day of fun. Bet he have never been happier.
3) Spot’s with Dee now. Showered with love and attention. Daily snippets of his adorable nonsense.



Last weekend in Malaysia.

Husband: Have you packed?
Me: No..
Husband: Wait what?

Right. It’s not that I’m not ecstatic or excited over shifting. I am! It’s just that my room is half filled with sewing materials and equipments, so I’m pretty lazy to shift it away and lug the luggage out to pack.

Attended sewing class for the last time. I don’t particularly like my sewing class. I don’t really want to write out why in public, but let’s just wrap it up as: it’s sufficient knowledge if you would like to sew clothes for your toddlers who wouldn’t know what fashion is and could be your guinea.

I also finally collected our wedding bands. Really. Finally. At first I loved Love & Co because of their service and their selection. It then lead to frustration of the time length it took for just engraving. We left our rings for it on 6th April and I only managed to get it back on 24th May. A little absurd if you ask me. Although they said they could ship the rings to Thailand, they told us we’d to pay for taxes and what not, so I gave up on ‘searching for other options’. They told me because of the very lengthy delay, they prepared a wedding gift. I deliberately acted cordial when I was told so, to make sure the highlight of my concern was solely on the delivery of the rings, not that my happiness could be bought (It would have been a lie if it’s diamonds). The gift:

Turns out it was lucky I wasn’t enthu.

Good news is, I think I’ve finally settled on a venue. Nic’s asking me if I do like it, if I do, we’re ticking it off our list! Let’s see how the final negotiations go.

I woke up real late. Back in high school kind of late: 12:45pm. I guess my body’s catching up on sleep as I really do spend my hours/that’s what I like to tell myself. I practically prepped sewing materials for the remainder of the day. Whipped up a simple dinner for the family and went back to it. OH, I PACKED. Yes, that I really packed. I did my laundry and I packed.. half a luggage. The other half’s just shoes! It can’t be kept just yet.

Also I’ve planned my outfit for the entire week. All dresses for a quick folds before leaving for good! Let’s see how I’d planned my week:

Monday: Dins with R&D Team ❤ I heart them to bits. I really do. They are all boys/guys/men/whatever and they tend to lookout for me. Regardless of how many pranks I pull on them or how merciless my public shaming them gets (in a funny way! Not the i-want-you-to-look-bad-in-front-of-your-peers).
Tuesday: Meet with the venue people and drop by the in laws’/my house.
Wednesday: Dins with my favourite people in the world. </3 I’m going to miss them so much.
Thursday: Grandma time.. I really should.
Friday: I’m guessing packing? Packing. No sewing.

On another note, I’ve packed up in the office. I don’t want to be carrying out this box on the last day. I rather slip away unceremoniously.

Want to see my wedding bands?! I’ll post Nic one’s up when it reaches his finger alright!

The Rock
I love the rock. I love the bands. The engagement ring is held by two hearts. He told me he’s giving his heart to me. *shakes sappiness off*. The Wedding Bands are in tri-colour. Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. I love how skinny the bands are and also how it completes this entire ring to something unique. I’m all for the odd if you know me. My husband once told me:

Because I know you. And you, like to be different.

I guess that’s why I said yes!

#theWparty – Part 1

I’m looking at the calendar and I know we’re running out of time. We are excited for the wedding parties! However we’re so caught up on the big move and the travelling plans that we’ve let our wedding party planning slide. I’ve seen the wedding event check list, utter madness but very necessary. I’ve got it saved on Google Docs I swear.

So here goes:

#theWparty – Thailand

As half of my extended family resides in the north of Thailand, we will be hosting a traditional Thai wedding at my parent’s home. We’re keeping it simple for this, so I’m thinking my check list should look like this:

  • Invitation
  • Itinerary
  • Decoration
  • F&B
  • Wedding outfit
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation & Transportation
  • Photographer

We have got (only) 2 things checked!

1. Itinerary

Nic and I, we’re both into apps. We constantly exchange the latest gem we find. Nic’s more into the productive/latest game app. I’m more into the photo editing/anything-that-is-clean app. Nic’s latest find ‘Quip‘! The best part of this app is that you’re able to edit on your desktop, realtime together and it comes out in a pretty format. So Nic and I both stayed up one day writing an article-like itinerary for our guests:


Every single itinerary was personalised and sent off. We just sent the last batch out! Alright, kitchen’s closed.

2. Accommodation & Transportation

This area is a mini district of Thailand. Which apparently meant this town only have 1 nice-ish hotel. Even so, it’s a tiny hotel. We ended up booking the entire hotel! There’s no need to place a deposit because your word is golden. Uh huh, they still live by those rules. And that hotel isn’t enough, we’d to book another in the main city, also the entire hotel.

As for the transportation, we’ll be renting chauffeured minivans as the GPS will probably lead them into the middle of a paddy field or a buffalo.

So what’s left?

  • Invitation – by Sept
  • Decoration – start in June
  • F&B – I suspect this has been taken care of.
  • Wedding outfit – start in June
  • Entertainment – KARAOKE ala village style
  • Photographer – start in June

Did I miss something? Probably. Probably.


How did it all began.

I got a text from my friend telling me Nic fainted. I recall being in a mall, standing in front of a mirror. We worked in the same office space. Nic was always working too hard, made more double dates than a person should. So when this actually happened, we simply concluded, it must be work. I dropped him a text, asking if he’s alright and his favourite reply was/is “Yo wassap?”. Maybe he thought it was cool (probably still think it is).

He is always hungry, I guess it didn’t strike me at that time when he said “Is there anything to eat in the office?”, and I offered my one and only Dove chocolate bar. I must stress how precious this bar is to me. At this point, Dove wasn’t even in the market just yet! And I actually saved it because when I took a bite from others, it was one of the smoothest commercialised chocolates I’ve ever tasted. Beats Cadbury! But you know, I didn’t want him to faint again so I just passed it over “Here, have it.”

About a week later, he walked over to my place, opened my drawer and put his hands in it, digging, and out came that chocolate. Shocked me, “What?! You hid it there??” Right under my nose, within my eyeshot, he hid the chocolate bar I gave him, still brand new.

Now this funny act of his caught my attention. So I guess, that is how it all began. For me.

He said it was when I handed him that bar of chocolate, how very nice of me to offer (but he didn’t say no). And the reason he hid it at my place “because it was the safest place I could think of.”

However, from the day I gave him that bar, till the week later when he was caught in my drawers *wink*, the boxes and boxes of the samples that were passed in the office, all gone, devoured by greed of the samplers. So when he retrieved that bar, and they saw him holding it, shouts of “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!” “I THOUGHT THERE ISN’T ANY LEFT!” “CAN I HAVE SOME?!”, we aren’t in Bosnia people.

Though he denied them all, proclaiming it was given to him and it is his.

So I guess, that is how it all began. For him.

A story aged older than two. I suppose there’s a handful more of history and pranks to be told. Maybe one day, and some to be kept as secrets.

Poker face.

Ah, the Poker Face. I’ve yet to master it.

I’m sure you’ve encountered awkward situations. Situations where you would like to pretend you are clueless to what was just said, but you know every little gritty detail? Like you’re 14 and your parents’ friends made a dirty joke and you have to not laugh. You understood it. But you can’t laugh, because ‘Hey what’s a 14 year old knowing that?’.

I’ve been in many, countless, situations of this sort. Top of my mind, the most awful, awful, attempt of pulling a poker face:

Scene: My almost 18 year old brother, my boyfriend and I were playing Quiz Up, logo category.

PaneraLogoNic: What’s this?
Me: Panera!
Nic: How do you know that?
Me: It looks like a Panini bread to me. (Yeah, I somehow associate them both.)
Nic: What’s a Panini bread? Are you sure Panini’s a bread?
Bro: Yeah, Panini’s a bread.
Nic: Ooh.. What about Punani?
Bro: *VERY CONFIDENTLY* I think it’s a type of tribe.

My face. My face. My face contoured, stiffening my laughter. And he just had to look at me, with that smile, waiting for the joy when I acknowledge. Longs for it.

No. Don’t. JUST DON’T SMILE. Act like nothing was said. Just DON”T.

And he went on.. “So what do they do? Hunt in caves?”


The latest joke he came up with while we were lunging two big bottles of juice across the park for the guards:

‘What’s the scariest bin?’


Note* Bini means wife in Malay.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Fine. I’ll concede. It’s hilarious. All of it.

Happy Milestone Hun!



What would you do with a car in Thailand? (Part 3)

The BTS, MRT system in Bangkok is pretty decent. If you’re a local, you’ll complain. But as tourists we just love hitting the hotspots. Normally, we’ll rent a car for a day to head to the places a little more in the outskirts area.

This time we wanted to head to the floating market that Thailand seems to be uber famous for and instead of paying the taxi/fake tour guide hundreds of ringgit just for a round trip, we rented a car for a hundred ringgit and we could have it for 24 hours. So on we go to Amphawa Floating Market!


Drizzled a little. Oh this market starts late in the morning till night. This is the market where you get on a boat to see a temple and fireflies! Perfect for us who can’t be bothered to get up at 6am. Look at me. I rather eat bacon.

photo 1

All these floating boats crowd around steps and are anchored down. Then mini tables are set up like school desks for people to sit and order to eat!


Pretty tourisy. But come here for the seafood! Goes from 100 Baht to 300 Baht a plate, depending on what you order. Which I think it’s pretty fine for a mountain of seafood! (The picture below was taken midway whomping).

image[6] image[7] image_1
Haha. Nic looks so comical. We were over and done with the market in about 2 hours? We headed back to Bangkok and…

Ended up in one of the most magical make believe world: Chocolate Ville! Honestly, we hardly see any tourist. Only locals acting like tourists. Mostly students celebrating their graduation. Be prepared to take a whole load of pictures. Ridiculously fun and it’s like I’ve stepped into a set on Hollywood or something.

image_5 image_6 image_7 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Too many pictures to post them up here, all in all, it’s a must place to visit! Food’s a so so, but fun factor’s there! It’s a really difficult place to find. Google map leads you to no where. It would seem so because it’s a really long road of darkness, but just keep driving, it’ll be on your left. Look out for this windmill!

photo 5Here’s the GPS location: N13 48.621 E100 39.830

Good luck looking!

And this post concludes this trip to Bangkok, Thailand! xx

Angmohs for the night. (Part 2)

Bangkok offers so much fun in a very non kinky money-can-buy-anything way (though I really do want to take a peek into that someday).

Last trip we explored Bangkok like a total foreigners, this time we decided to be that angmohs in Thailand. Taking cabs and hitting up Neil’s Tavern and Sky Bar as a birthday delight. To the places we travel, cabs are cheaper than trains in Bangkok. Of course that is if you travel in at least two and not mind the jam from time to time/all the time. Train ride starts at 15 baht and goes up to 45 baht I think. And we’re staying already at the middle of the town, so to pay 25 baht one way for 2/3 stops away is not as cheap as one might think.


Foie gras. Mildly seared! Delicious, same goes with the steak. There’s a lobster somewhere, but… guess we didn’t snap a pic!


Now, visitors of Bangkok, everybody and I mean everybody should experience Sky Bar. It’s not the glass made suspended bar that is amazing, neither is the cocktails or even the shoulder to shoulder crowd attempting to get a whiff of the skyline air and view, it is THAT staircase experience leading down to the restaurant/bar.

I swore I would get a picture of it but… you see I had this absolutely delicious concoction. I mean who could resist Hangovertini? Try it, you wouldn’t even know you’re drinking a deadly potion. And that the sole reason, I didn’t manage to get a picture of us on that heart racing steps. I was instead rushing to find a seat, toilet, cab, hotel because well, I’d an almost immediate hangover.

Damn. Sorry baby.

Next up… Chocolate Ville & Amphawa Floating Market!