Tim & Aud’s Wedding.

Of course we attended Tim & Aud’s Up Themed Wedding!

I have more pictures but, that takes forever to arrive. And there are some plastered on Facebook. I heavily depend on other people these days.

But here’s me and my funny comical arm candy.

Ahaa! ~Doodhedoodles!


Ramadhan Month!

I’m trying to play catch up with life. Consumed with work, work, events, mini-events, work. Not a weekend without getting tied up.

We need a holiday.

Not just a holiday.

I need a break. A new muse. A pinch of salt into my current bland life. Hah.

A DIY “socialite”.

Like a socialite. Popping into parties and hosting parties. What a way to end November! But unlike a socialite, I prep and clean at my parties and wrap my own pressies! *wink*

We kicked off the end of November by celebrating Mimi’s 21st birthday again. This girl’s like Edward Cullen! She even sparkles with her twilight eyes.

In another universe, we’ve got this glam event in December that requires us to wear black. Yes, black. Not a colour. Black. So I’ve been hunting for the perfect outfit in black that allows me to run around and look chic at the same time. Boy, have I found nothing. Haha. But if I am allowed to indulge in the night like a movie star…

Not happening. Nah ah.

Meanwhile, back in November, I hosted a let’s-just-kick-off-the-weekend-at-my-house. I whipped up a too-peppery stew *pats the people who pant it down*. We had strange concoction of food at 9pm. There’s my beef stew, there’s “Yuenny-made” popiah, fries and nuggets from the Golden Arches, not-celebrated-enough Ayamas and we had Chatime later on. We ended the night yelling at 1am in the morning to Giftrap. Ahh, the things I do with my colleagues <3’s

The very next night, it was…. Rahrah’s birthday!!!! Made the invites, because hand invites are brilliant. Don’t it make you feel, privileged to be invited? Plus, I really love making cards and wrapping presents. So with open arms, I volunteered to wrap this humongous doormat too. Huge AND heavy. It was outta-breath but fun wrapping it. Inspired by a postcard. Whee. So one side’s on fashion. And one side’s the message. Didn’t have enough time to write a pretty message though. Maybe Rahrah took pics of the end product.

Theme for the night: Colour Block.

*kisses* We sang our lungs out, together with the divas Mimi & Jestina.
Man, can they hold a note.

Now, we are at our last weekend of November. Heck no we are gonna waste it! So yesterday, at 3pm we decided: impromptu BBQ! Chicken wings, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, apple salad, sausages, mushrooms, squid, Yuenny’s popiah, crisps AND alcohol. Oh we had McD’s dessert too~

Surprise, surprise, did you know, Nic’s pretty good in the kitchen? Not only that he marinated the lamb, he cleaned the squids too! Minus the bit where he had ink squirted all over his shirt, Wendy told him she would marry him if she’s single, and Mimi wants him if his wrist wears a RM5K watch and all dressed up in a Hugo Boss suit.

And now I’m sniffling sick here, on my off day *kicks* There’s Clara Chung tonight at the Bentleys though.


*whoops. Forgot to press publish & on another note, Tim is getting married! Oh and I stole some pics from Mimi.

The half filled room.

Funny story. Yuen came over to my side of the table and she asked if I wanted a box. I know I’ve this psychotic urge to store things in boxes, I’m trying oh-so-very-hard to beat that, so I said “Nolah, you use it.”  Then motioned her hand to the dustbin, at the same time Wendy and I shouted “NOOOOOO!” I felt a lil psychotic for doing that. But hell! Saved the box and figured since I’d been looking for little bags to put in my hollow bag, this would be perfect to store the small stuffs. So in goes the pen, iPod and earphones.

I store my books by my bed for easy reach. Better too. No clutter. Oh yes, it’s a box too. Gawds.

So, I walked into Jaspal and I squealed. I couldn’t help it. I love it too much!! I HAD TO HAVE IT. & so, Kal said “Come, I’ll buy you a handbag.” AND IT IS MINE NOW! *clutches*

Spot thought it would be cool to jump on our beds. As you can see, he’s very pleased with himself. Acting all mighty and all. He attempted to take Churpie, but, HELL NO!

Spot loves melodies from the piano. Funny dog. So when Yiruma – Kiss The Rain came on. He halted his monkey business and stared at the speaker. And then I sat down, so he lie by me and enjoyed the tunes on the Kensington.
Here’s the door that opens to my bedchambers [hahaha.. yes, bedchambers].

Rahrah kept bugging me to go over to drink Choya. Apparently it is really nice. But the alcoholic finished it before I could sip the sweetness of it. Sigh. =P Walked around one day and GUESS WHAT I FOUND? Lots of Choya Umeshu. It is NOT plums apparently. The website is VERY adamant about it. It is made out of Ume Fruit. More towards Prune? Ahh.. just drink it! Loved it so much that erm, I became the alcoholic instead. Hahaha, no, no, parents loved it so I bought more. Even tried the Honey version!
Now, run along. I’ve got my Korean series to watch.  ~~~toodles.

The house on the hill.

Oh wait.. there’s swing now for some odd reason:

So that’s my family’s holiday home in Thailand =D

‘Bombshells and aviators’ party happened last night. It was 1920’s themed/pin up/be in corset and stockings.

Not really comfortable being in really revealing corsets with colleagues and clients.. so I opt for 1920’s! Wasn’t infront of the camera much (ran around gossiping =P) so took some with my BB!

Details of lace:

Really, it’s actually short-ish.. so really, its kinda pin up!

So they didn’t make me wear bra and panty. Haha.. like funny Weng Kham:

Hahaa.. Nightt~~