Prepping for the tame Hen’s Night.

Earlier this year, it was a proposal fever. Everyone was being proposed to. And Wendy was one of them!

*Update: Reason it being a ‘tame’ hen’s night is because well, we know our bride, she ain’t into crazy stuffs. Though she did mention she wanted a stripper.

Now, we know it is usually a custom for the bridesmaids to throw the shower/hen’s night. But for this, since we are always more friends than colleagues, we went all out!

Here goes…

Theme: Karen and I threw a few ideas around. Before that Michelle and Yuen suggested a few too. But here’s what we ended up with to match a ‘wedding’.

Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue

How it works: There will be 4 destinations. Each destination will consist of a task, once she completes a task, she will be rewarded with the respective materials. Once she have all four, she will then be ready to be a “bride”.

Monday, 17 Sept.

After weeks of discussion of the ‘event’, here comes the execution bit. Karen and I decided to use our Malaysia Day holiday to scout for the materials. Started off in the late morning, first stop…

Publika: We sat in Wondermilk finalising our plans over lunch; items to buy and where to get it, budget, destination, invitations, dress code.

*Side story* Also, this is where I had salad and meat lodged in my throat for over 10 hours (because I really really can’t seem to get it out) causing multiple ulcers to occur and then I was flooded with, high fever, flu and cough of course. -.- Why.

The details?

Ongoing throughout the Bridal Shower:
She was to choose a character to be:
Kim K
Janice from Friends
Paris Hilton
Kimora Lee Simmons

She would have to record a 1 minute review at each destination mimicking the character chosen.

Something Old:
Venue – Nail Parlour, Publika.
Task – To ask the manicurist “If I had 9 fingers, would I get a discount?”
Reward – Old earrings.

Something New:
Venue – HairQuarters, Publika.
Task – After getting her hair all made up, she will be presented a crown and a wand to be worn for the remaining evening.
Reward – The crown & wand.

Something Borrowed:
Venue – Twenty One, Changkat.
Task – To give out 3 stalk of roses to 3 different men of different races, telling them she’s “Off the Market” and snap a picture with them.
Reward – Handcuffs’ from Waiping.

Something Blue:
Venue – Luna Bar, Pacific Regency.
Task – To enter the area wearing the gold choker whilst doing an Egyptian dance.
Reward – The destination will be decorated with blue items.

Becoming the Bride-to-be:
Task: Completing her final destination review and record a message for her husband-to-be.
Reward – The veil.

Berjaya Times Square: The multiple levels, the amount of tiny shops, the light bargaining. We spent a few hours, going up and down the levels scurrying for the listed materials. In between we devised an alternative plan whilst sipping our juice. As you know, always have a Plan B.

Bangsar: Finally over and done with Times Square, headed to Bangsar at 6pm. Picked out the perfect pink jeweled girly tiara! And we were maxed out. Treated ourselves with cupcakes and coffee whilst waiting for our darlings fresh from Bangkok to join us for dins. Even picked up Firdy the Hobo too.

Wednesday, 19 Sept.

Ben’s Independent Grocer: Bought final materials!

Dr Cafe, Publika: We plopped our asses on the sofa, threw the materials all over and begun our work. Michelle offered her OCD handwriting, HonMun offered his too high-tech designing skills. Karen was busy finalising the budget or falling in love with the excel sheet. We finished what we could, NicGan even started snoozing. It was getting pretty late so we headed home.

Home: I completed the final look for the invitations and the ‘condom tokens’. These condom tokens are to be given out to the person who assisted Wendy on her task. For example: Manicurist, Hairstylist, Men who will receive the flowers.

Friday, 20 Sept.

People thought I used my precious leave to smooch over Nic (he’s on 2 weeks break + he was in Beijing at that time), but nope, actually I took the day off to complete the final tasks.

Wendy’s House, Puchong : Had to head to Wendy’s house to get ‘Something Old’ from Andrew. I got lost. GPS did NOT help. Drained the petrol so I spent time looking for the right petrol station and the ‘fuel door’ button. OMG. I had to call Hon Mun. Goddammit, and he tagged me on a ‘How-To’ on Facebook. -.- Why must VW be terribly high tech? And seriously, I should really pay attention to Nic when he tells me how to use his car. Once, I was so mad at him, but I didn’t know how to turn on the headlights. Tried for a full 15 minutes, whipped out my phone and dialed. Bugger told me to clap my hands and it’ll turn on. Stupid thing was actually on Auto. Pfft.

Office, KL: Delivered the invitations. Woohoo! *wink* Walked into office, Michelle said “The last I recalled, you are on leave.”

Pavilion, KL: Karen & Waiping handled the Wedding Gift. Very important, and man, did they have a great eye! ❤ ❤

SS14, Subang: Lamination! Did not know lamination took that long or was that difficult. Tick tock tick tock.

Home: My brother was a great help. We love arts and craft, and we are very willing on going full on when it comes to personalising our event/party/invitation touches. Picked him from school and we were full on snipping, wrapping, drawing, pasting, nailing, tying, folding… well here are some pics I managed to snap.

Even Michelle popped by and wrote the cue cards and the Bride-To-Be Oath! Karen and I were busy whatsapping updates and checklist. She’s got the other half covered, e-mailed everyone the itinerary, budget. And of course, the wedding gift!!!

After midnight, it was all completed. Karen and I were so paranoid we might have forgotten something, kept checking on each other till the very next day. It needed to be perfect!!

Was super stocked.


Variety not Fickled.

While shopping, I pointed out this gorgeous leather chest from British India, “Isn’t that nice?”

And that was concluded into “There are so many things that you say ‘it is nice’. How is it all going to fit?”.

So I thought for a moment, gave a peck and said “Well then, you remember what I like and make sure it doesn’t clash”.

Chest are realistic at the foot of the bed. Gives the room a character! Look:

“A sofa’s better. What are you planning to keep in there?” he asked. Pillows? Duvets? Him? All that fluff has got to go somewhere during bedtime.

Now on to the garden. Neat. Minimalistic. Something predictable and minimal care. A must have, Frangipani. See how singular it is?

And my dream city garden looks so sad in my flower lover’s point of view. The idea is attractive no?

Soft furnishing. Curtains that sweeps the floor? I love roman blinds. But what about wooden shutters instead? I’m quite intrigued by the idea of it. White wooden shutters maybe.

Also I’ve recently taken interest in factory windows. They are HUGE with thin frames!

And another of my favourite quirk, is the library. I really want a wall of books. This wall should be the entrance of the workstation(which I always imagine it to look like an architect desk, no idea why)/reading room(big fat cosy leather couch)/quiet room(rugs and throws for family night). And I have always wanted THE library ladder. I’m slightly unrealistic. Blame the books for this imagination!

Back in 2007, I attended Noir launch and they had this huge red door. But it’s hollow, so it isn’t heavy. So Chinese, I know. A great entrance nonetheless. But I’m mad about doorknobs smack right in the middle. Imagine them mashed.

Double sink. A luxury for two.

And where ever my future bed lies, drapes or canopy, there is going to be one. No arguments there. Although, I do love a 4 poster bed.

I just imagined my dream interior didn’t I? Mad about interior designing. It is truly an addiction that imprints the imagination. Guess that’s why Pinterest drains my sleeping hours.

Knocks your socks off.

Every woman wants choices, but in the end, none wants to be one of a hundred in a box. She’a unique. She makes the choices, and she’s chosen him. She wants to tell the world, “He’s mine. He belongs to me, not you.” She marks her man with her lips.

He is her possession.

The half filled room.

Funny story. Yuen came over to my side of the table and she asked if I wanted a box. I know I’ve this psychotic urge to store things in boxes, I’m trying oh-so-very-hard to beat that, so I said “Nolah, you use it.”  Then motioned her hand to the dustbin, at the same time Wendy and I shouted “NOOOOOO!” I felt a lil psychotic for doing that. But hell! Saved the box and figured since I’d been looking for little bags to put in my hollow bag, this would be perfect to store the small stuffs. So in goes the pen, iPod and earphones.

I store my books by my bed for easy reach. Better too. No clutter. Oh yes, it’s a box too. Gawds.

So, I walked into Jaspal and I squealed. I couldn’t help it. I love it too much!! I HAD TO HAVE IT. & so, Kal said “Come, I’ll buy you a handbag.” AND IT IS MINE NOW! *clutches*

Spot thought it would be cool to jump on our beds. As you can see, he’s very pleased with himself. Acting all mighty and all. He attempted to take Churpie, but, HELL NO!

Spot loves melodies from the piano. Funny dog. So when Yiruma – Kiss The Rain came on. He halted his monkey business and stared at the speaker. And then I sat down, so he lie by me and enjoyed the tunes on the Kensington.
Here’s the door that opens to my bedchambers [hahaha.. yes, bedchambers].

Rahrah kept bugging me to go over to drink Choya. Apparently it is really nice. But the alcoholic finished it before I could sip the sweetness of it. Sigh. =P Walked around one day and GUESS WHAT I FOUND? Lots of Choya Umeshu. It is NOT plums apparently. The website is VERY adamant about it. It is made out of Ume Fruit. More towards Prune? Ahh.. just drink it! Loved it so much that erm, I became the alcoholic instead. Hahaha, no, no, parents loved it so I bought more. Even tried the Honey version!
Now, run along. I’ve got my Korean series to watch.  ~~~toodles.

My most FAVOURITE candy in the planet!

(Post below – Mommy’s Day.)

When I was young, we went to Singapore every fortnight for the weekend. My childhood friend Kelly was there. Her family’s like a gypsy. They used to (or still hold citizenships): Malaysian, Singaporean, Australian now Canadian. Next, American I think. Oh she’ll be arriving next weekend! Woohoo~~ for a 3 months internship. She completed her Degree in Business something and now she’s doing a degree in Law. Yes, she’s mad that way. She’d been around the world. YES, around the world. If only I’d the energy their family have. They speed travel. Completed touring of Asia in 2 weeks. -.- I think. Anyway, I’m sliding of my post point: in Singapore, I was introduced to the yummiest sweet in the ENTIRE universe.

If you know me well enough, I don’t eat candy. Hardly ever. I just don’t fancy candy. See, no cavity. Yupe, no filings *dances* BUT… this yummyness, I just can’t resist!

Heard of Roll-ups?

Use to get it in Singapore, Uncle Toby’s. But they stopped producing it, I don’t know why. Jaya Grocer have this thing where if you like something and they don’t sell it, suggest it to them and they’ll try to get it for you. My oh my… guess what we found after…… almost a year?

ROLL-UPS! (different brand (Betty Crocker), but whatever)

Here’s how to eat it.
Step one: It is a sheet of sticky sweet and rolled up in plastic. So you’ve got to un-roll it:

Step Two: Pull off that plastic sheet. And roll the sticky candy back!

Ah, fun and satisfaction. I was so greedy, I’d the best choc chip mint ice cream too (Baskin Robbins serves yummy ones, shaved choc.) and I had After-Eight mint with it! I know, I know, gluttony!

Yupe. My dessert overload. =D

Candies that I crave from time-to-time:
– Sour tapes – just cause it’s sour.
– Famous Amos’s gummy bears – because it’s chewy.
– Willy Wonka’s NERDS. – because it’s crunchy and sour.

The rest? I’ll pass~~

Helllooooo Weekend!

Okay I’ve awesome plans line up.

First up, Indo’s coming up (from Singapore)!

See, Malacca could be beautiful. Source:  By Sacha Fernandez

Gonna take a quarter break from work.

Though its just a 3 days weekend, it should be enough for now.

Okay the remaining is mum for now. But…….. WOooHOoooOOO!!!!

Let me show you one VERY AWESOME island before I began my long, LONG day:

Have you heard of Eleuthera? Its in The Bahamas *dance dances* (Okay, I can’t seem to recall correctly what Bahamas song I meant to insert)

Now I know where to head to next *wink*

By the way its a bikers’ island – they hold ‘Ride for Hope‘ raising money for cancer research and to cancer patients.

Here’s more info about the island and on the Ride for Hope.