What I watched growing up.

Movies, articles and even fairytales have told how us as kids watching our parent’s relationship affects how we would like ours to be in the future. So when you’re off searching for the parts you like and prefer not to live with, how far off the checklist does it get before love blinds it all? Or do you think love will conquer it all and there comes unity? Or maybe you’re the one who thinks you’re practical and push your perception of the unrainbow of a marriage?

I grew up with my parents showing affection. Not kisses, but spending time together, the real kind. It starts off at breakfast, then it leads to an evening walk, gardening together, occasionally afternoon naps and the sitting through the moonlight. There are times they even took showers together and us as kids sneak the keys and barge into the room because we thought it was a mission to. There really is no better reason. I guess that’s the start of my checklist.

Some time ago, I realised, there is another side, my partner’s side, how was the relationship when he was growing up? I can only tell what I see today. To me, they seem like they live in a same space but in a separate world, individually independent. Perhaps it works for them.

And now I’m at my story, there are the habits that I prefer to avoid or the telltale signs of “that’s what a marriage is in 20 years”. I want the fairytales, I want the love stories, I’m a romantic, I grew up with mountains of storybooks and classic Disney cartoons. Maybe it will all end someday. Like how the articles and movies are these days, some where down the road it fizzles out, the spite gets ugly and nasty, and love no longer triumphs above it all. If one day it does lead to that, I believe I’ll go again. Because that was what I watched growing up.


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