#theWparty – Part 2

Bridezilla. I have painted the picture of my dream wedding a long time ago. Now it’s time to realise it.

Reality: My husband is surprisingly open to what favours me and seem to share the sentiments of a wedding. However, the chinese part of our family doesn’t. Of course, the actual reality check.


I like my wedding small, those who know us as a couple, sprinkle a little bit of those who you grew up with along the way. Basically those who you actually have a picture with. Somewhere down the line there’s the grandma’s cousin or your parent’s cousins’ cousins’ aunt. Save them for a 60th birthday party maybe?


Nature. That’s hard to come by in Malaysia. Recreating it comes with a hefty price tag. Maybe modern? That’s tough to swallow for the older crowd. Hotels are great and grand, but terribly formal for a couple like us. If you know us, we rather pull a seat up at your table and tell a joke. Chinese restaurants, let’s not go there.


Those yellow rice lights you get at Christmas? Lots and loads of it. Flowers, fresh flowers all around. I’m calling it yellow, grey & nature.


How to make a wedding reception fun? I don’t want to host a wedding that when it hits the final dessert, guests start to leave the room and the newlyweds find themselves rushing to thank and say goodbye. Hey, hey, now, isn’t that rude? So we want to make our reception a party. A true party. Maybe with live stations for food so that people are always up and about. A karaoke corner for the tipsy and the bold. Setting off lanterns into the sky with kids playing with sparklers. And those performances from our friends (after attending my best friend’s wedding, it was a true gem to see people you love come together to do something for you as a couple. It’s real personal).


Photographer, there are a few we really adore. Videographer, they are tough to find! Or is it just me?

Invitation Cards:

Urm… I did complete the Thailand one, does that count?

Destination Wedding

Wedding favours:


Wedding dress & Tux:

Yeah, we’ve looked and looked, alright it was just one weekend, no luck just yet!

4 months to wedding in Thailand. 6 months to Malaysia’s. We need that whip!


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