Being a house manager.

Growing up, I never had a maid. My parents, started us young (my sister and I), the chores. We weren’t lying in our Pendidikan Moral when it came to the house chores. At the age of 7-8, it was our duty to wash up after dinner. We’re small, so we used stools to reach the sink. Then we graduated to scrubbing toilets, washed our clothes, fold everybody’s clothes, ironed our uniforms, scrubbing pet cages.

To make sure we take ownership of our chores, my parents will not assist in any manner, if we don’t do it, we’ll have no clothes to wear, we’ll face punishment if the toilet’s unwashed or the pet cage is too dirty. To make it feel like a true, true blue chore, I’m pretty certain my dad has OCD. The moment the gates parts at 6pm, we have to look like we are clearing up, normally, we choose ‘fold the clothes’ act, because we get to watch TV as well. And every single dinner, as long as I’m living there, it was my duty to assist my mom in the kitchen and also to cook.

So yes, I’ve had my fair share of house chores for years. So when I got married and had to move to our own home, it wasn’t daunting to me. My mother-in-law wasn’t sure if I could clean or cook, she was asking my mom if they should start teaching me. What am I to say, ‘hey mom, actually, I know how to even before I learnt timetables?’

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I grew up in a neat home. You should see my car. It may be 10 years old, 25 years old or 1 year old, its like brand new. It even still smells brand new! It’s my dad’s thing.

Now that I live in a home with Nic, I have to admit, it’s tough. His lack of urgency, I can’t brain it. ‘Eat > Wash up > Enjoy’, not ‘Eat > Enjoy > Wash up’. Items lay around for days or even weeks (non degradable). Put it back where it belongs! This would mean, it bugs me, therefore I would benefit most from it being stowed away. But time after time of picking up, I feel like a maid. It’s not my job, but if I don’t do it, who would when we don’t hire one? Rationally, it wouldn’t kill me doing it all. Though what it brings is something greater, nagging.

Do you know why women nag? Men know why, they choose to ignore why.

Wanting my home to be neat all the time, that was how I lived. That’s what I call home. My room could be a mess, but never the common areas. Maybe it would be different if cleaning is therapeutic. Being your own home manager is rough. How do you change to be bit more lax? Maybe there’s a Stepford Wife in me.

I may have made it seem like Nic shakes his bootie around and not place effort, he tries to mop when he can, washes the toilet and after dinner. Oh and of course, take out the trash. Classic TV.



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