Last weekend in Malaysia.

Husband: Have you packed?
Me: No..
Husband: Wait what?

Right. It’s not that I’m not ecstatic or excited over shifting. I am! It’s just that my room is half filled with sewing materials and equipments, so I’m pretty lazy to shift it away and lug the luggage out to pack.

Attended sewing class for the last time. I don’t particularly like my sewing class. I don’t really want to write out why in public, but let’s just wrap it up as: it’s sufficient knowledge if you would like to sew clothes for your toddlers who wouldn’t know what fashion is and could be your guinea.

I also finally collected our wedding bands. Really. Finally. At first I loved Love & Co because of their service and their selection. It then lead to frustration of the time length it took for just engraving. We left our rings for it on 6th April and I only managed to get it back on 24th May. A little absurd if you ask me. Although they said they could ship the rings to Thailand, they told us we’d to pay for taxes and what not, so I gave up on ‘searching for other options’. They told me because of the very lengthy delay, they prepared a wedding gift. I deliberately acted cordial when I was told so, to make sure the highlight of my concern was solely on the delivery of the rings, not that my happiness could be bought (It would have been a lie if it’s diamonds). The gift:

Turns out it was lucky I wasn’t enthu.

Good news is, I think I’ve finally settled on a venue. Nic’s asking me if I do like it, if I do, we’re ticking it off our list! Let’s see how the final negotiations go.

I woke up real late. Back in high school kind of late: 12:45pm. I guess my body’s catching up on sleep as I really do spend my hours/that’s what I like to tell myself. I practically prepped sewing materials for the remainder of the day. Whipped up a simple dinner for the family and went back to it. OH, I PACKED. Yes, that I really packed. I did my laundry and I packed.. half a luggage. The other half’s just shoes! It can’t be kept just yet.

Also I’ve planned my outfit for the entire week. All dresses for a quick folds before leaving for good! Let’s see how I’d planned my week:

Monday: Dins with R&D Team ❤ I heart them to bits. I really do. They are all boys/guys/men/whatever and they tend to lookout for me. Regardless of how many pranks I pull on them or how merciless my public shaming them gets (in a funny way! Not the i-want-you-to-look-bad-in-front-of-your-peers).
Tuesday: Meet with the venue people and drop by the in laws’/my house.
Wednesday: Dins with my favourite people in the world. </3 I’m going to miss them so much.
Thursday: Grandma time.. I really should.
Friday: I’m guessing packing? Packing. No sewing.

On another note, I’ve packed up in the office. I don’t want to be carrying out this box on the last day. I rather slip away unceremoniously.

Want to see my wedding bands?! I’ll post Nic one’s up when it reaches his finger alright!

The Rock
I love the rock. I love the bands. The engagement ring is held by two hearts. He told me he’s giving his heart to me. *shakes sappiness off*. The Wedding Bands are in tri-colour. Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. I love how skinny the bands are and also how it completes this entire ring to something unique. I’m all for the odd if you know me. My husband once told me:

Because I know you. And you, like to be different.

I guess that’s why I said yes!


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