#theWparty – Part 1

I’m looking at the calendar and I know we’re running out of time. We are excited for the wedding parties! However we’re so caught up on the big move and the travelling plans that we’ve let our wedding party planning slide. I’ve seen the wedding event check list, utter madness but very necessary. I’ve got it saved on Google Docs I swear.

So here goes:

#theWparty – Thailand

As half of my extended family resides in the north of Thailand, we will be hosting a traditional Thai wedding at my parent’s home. We’re keeping it simple for this, so I’m thinking my check list should look like this:

  • Invitation
  • Itinerary
  • Decoration
  • F&B
  • Wedding outfit
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation & Transportation
  • Photographer

We have got (only) 2 things checked!

1. Itinerary

Nic and I, we’re both into apps. We constantly exchange the latest gem we find. Nic’s more into the productive/latest game app. I’m more into the photo editing/anything-that-is-clean app. Nic’s latest find ‘Quip‘! The best part of this app is that you’re able to edit on your desktop, realtime together and it comes out in a pretty format. So Nic and I both stayed up one day writing an article-like itinerary for our guests:


Every single itinerary was personalised and sent off. We just sent the last batch out! Alright, kitchen’s closed.

2. Accommodation & Transportation

This area is a mini district of Thailand. Which apparently meant this town only have 1 nice-ish hotel. Even so, it’s a tiny hotel. We ended up booking the entire hotel! There’s no need to place a deposit because your word is golden. Uh huh, they still live by those rules. And that hotel isn’t enough, we’d to book another in the main city, also the entire hotel.

As for the transportation, we’ll be renting chauffeured minivans as the GPS will probably lead them into the middle of a paddy field or a buffalo.

So what’s left?

  • Invitation – by Sept
  • Decoration – start in June
  • F&B – I suspect this has been taken care of.
  • Wedding outfit – start in June
  • Entertainment – KARAOKE ala village style
  • Photographer – start in June

Did I miss something? Probably. Probably.



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