Whirlwind month.

Where did I last left off?

To my tiny pool loyal readers of mine, apparently 2014/2015 is looking like this for me:

Plan 2014

Let’s click pause and take a step back.

He gave be a large purple box in 2013, told me what each compartment is for and said the other was a secret. Barely a year after, I found out what that compartment was for, a ring box. We were actually house hunting, drawing out the ID, we settled on where we would like to begin.  Then suddenly it was ‘I’ve-got-the-job-I’m-leaving-in-a-week-baby’ kind of thing. So we switched over to Plan B, moving abroad. We both don’t hate our country, and we are definitely not dying to get out. It was a great opportunity at a city that we both frequented and can see ourselves living in so, yes, opportunity grabbed!

So do I just wrap up my life here and leave?

> Job

I was in the operations team for quite a while, headed it, loved it, then I saw the need to grow so I stepped out. However, I was enticed by app development, so I stayed back and tried it out. It’s an odd circle, for App A, from brainstorming, to design, to everything that is needed to be done except coding was completed. For App B, we were pulled in for launch, debug, working on what was completed. Then App C, it was the whole jingbang. However, this role took an old turn, and in a bittersweet way it was at that perfect time to bow out. So I did.

> Family

My family frequent Thailand a lot, so I don’t see it as a problem that they will not to continue to do so. I’ll miss my brother the most but he’ve got to head off to study somewhere soon anyway.

> Spot

Spot, yes, my pet dog. I wanted to bring him over, however, our new home wouldn’t allow pets. I’ll make sure our next one does. Then I’ll fly him over.

> Friends

We have more chat groups than we can keep up with in all platforms you could ever imagine, well maybe except for Snapchat. For some, I’m counting on their yearly Bangkok shopping trip.

So it looks like a yes!

As for the sudden proposal and getting married, I was caught off guard. It was too sudden, if I were to guess when it would happen, I would have bet on when I moved over to Bangkok but definitely not within the week that he said yes to the new job! For deets, the lazy me will just link the details:

The Proposal

The Courthouse

I’ll write more on the Wedding prep soon.


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