Poker face.

Ah, the Poker Face. I’ve yet to master it.

I’m sure you’ve encountered awkward situations. Situations where you would like to pretend you are clueless to what was just said, but you know every little gritty detail? Like you’re 14 and your parents’ friends made a dirty joke and you have to not laugh. You understood it. But you can’t laugh, because ‘Hey what’s a 14 year old knowing that?’.

I’ve been in many, countless, situations of this sort. Top of my mind, the most awful, awful, attempt of pulling a poker face:

Scene: My almost 18 year old brother, my boyfriend and I were playing Quiz Up, logo category.

PaneraLogoNic: What’s this?
Me: Panera!
Nic: How do you know that?
Me: It looks like a Panini bread to me. (Yeah, I somehow associate them both.)
Nic: What’s a Panini bread? Are you sure Panini’s a bread?
Bro: Yeah, Panini’s a bread.
Nic: Ooh.. What about Punani?
Bro: *VERY CONFIDENTLY* I think it’s a type of tribe.

My face. My face. My face contoured, stiffening my laughter. And he just had to look at me, with that smile, waiting for the joy when I acknowledge. Longs for it.

No. Don’t. JUST DON’T SMILE. Act like nothing was said. Just DON”T.

And he went on.. “So what do they do? Hunt in caves?”


The latest joke he came up with while we were lunging two big bottles of juice across the park for the guards:

‘What’s the scariest bin?’


Note* Bini means wife in Malay.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Fine. I’ll concede. It’s hilarious. All of it.

Happy Milestone Hun!




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