What would you do with a car in Thailand? (Part 3)

The BTS, MRT system in Bangkok is pretty decent. If you’re a local, you’ll complain. But as tourists we just love hitting the hotspots. Normally, we’ll rent a car for a day to head to the places a little more in the outskirts area.

This time we wanted to head to the floating market that Thailand seems to be uber famous for and instead of paying the taxi/fake tour guide hundreds of ringgit just for a round trip, we rented a car for a hundred ringgit and we could have it for 24 hours. So on we go to Amphawa Floating Market!


Drizzled a little. Oh this market starts late in the morning till night. This is the market where you get on a boat to see a temple and fireflies! Perfect for us who can’t be bothered to get up at 6am. Look at me. I rather eat bacon.

photo 1

All these floating boats crowd around steps and are anchored down. Then mini tables are set up like school desks for people to sit and order to eat!


Pretty tourisy. But come here for the seafood! Goes from 100 Baht to 300 Baht a plate, depending on what you order. Which I think it’s pretty fine for a mountain of seafood! (The picture below was taken midway whomping).

image[6] image[7] image_1
Haha. Nic looks so comical. We were over and done with the market in about 2 hours? We headed back to Bangkok and…

Ended up in one of the most magical make believe world: Chocolate Ville! Honestly, we hardly see any tourist. Only locals acting like tourists. Mostly students celebrating their graduation. Be prepared to take a whole load of pictures. Ridiculously fun and it’s like I’ve stepped into a set on Hollywood or something.

image_5 image_6 image_7 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Too many pictures to post them up here, all in all, it’s a must place to visit! Food’s a so so, but fun factor’s there! It’s a really difficult place to find. Google map leads you to no where. It would seem so because it’s a really long road of darkness, but just keep driving, it’ll be on your left. Look out for this windmill!

photo 5Here’s the GPS location: N13 48.621 E100 39.830

Good luck looking!

And this post concludes this trip to Bangkok, Thailand! xx


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