Angmohs for the night. (Part 2)

Bangkok offers so much fun in a very non kinky money-can-buy-anything way (though I really do want to take a peek into that someday).

Last trip we explored Bangkok like a total foreigners, this time we decided to be that angmohs in Thailand. Taking cabs and hitting up Neil’s Tavern and Sky Bar as a birthday delight. To the places we travel, cabs are cheaper than trains in Bangkok. Of course that is if you travel in at least two and not mind the jam from time to time/all the time. Train ride starts at 15 baht and goes up to 45 baht I think. And we’re staying already at the middle of the town, so to pay 25 baht one way for 2/3 stops away is not as cheap as one might think.


Foie gras. Mildly seared! Delicious, same goes with the steak. There’s a lobster somewhere, but… guess we didn’t snap a pic!


Now, visitors of Bangkok, everybody and I mean everybody should experience Sky Bar. It’s not the glass made suspended bar that is amazing, neither is the cocktails or even the shoulder to shoulder crowd attempting to get a whiff of the skyline air and view, it is THAT staircase experience leading down to the restaurant/bar.

I swore I would get a picture of it but… you see I had this absolutely delicious concoction. I mean who could resist Hangovertini? Try it, you wouldn’t even know you’re drinking a deadly potion. And that the sole reason, I didn’t manage to get a picture of us on that heart racing steps. I was instead rushing to find a seat, toilet, cab, hotel because well, I’d an almost immediate hangover.

Damn. Sorry baby.

Next up… Chocolate Ville & Amphawa Floating Market!


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