A girl I once knew.

I’m always fuzzy of my past. I remember it clearer in my dreams, and reliving it.

She drew for me. She taught me how to draw. She made me an into an anime. She drew comics, got it published and paid for it. She taught me how to play the guitar. She taught me to paint. She tried teaching me Japanese. She was my everyday. She drew a character that we both fell in love with. Funny. She shared her frustrations and dreams. We spoke on the phone after school everyday, before school too. 10am and 8pm. We were the best of friends. This was through primary and half of secondary school.

And then, I got distracted. It might have been the routes we choose to study. It might have been the silly boys. It might have been.. just me being selfish.

But we wrote. She wrote to me with three different e-mail addresses. I still have the fondest memories of us. I’m a terrible friend, and an even worse best friend. I have tried looking for her, about 5 years ago? Let’s see how this round goes.

We’re not only drifting apart a hundred miles an hour, so I keep accounts that she is from Galaxy Ordinary, where she makes one statement after another by endorsing overrated popularity and having mindless fidelity over extremely commercialized icons and such, type-of trend-flo- that she believes has been set for herself and the rest of the population on earth, or else you’re considered as violating rules.

But on the other hand, I tend to develop a distaste towards things that are highly acclaimed to be popular commercialized and publicized, another saying is that I dislike things once they get too popular, and so that in that way, I know that speciality has been reserved for me.”
– Kat. My funny girl with geeky specs.

2 thoughts on “A girl I once knew.

  1. Linda, you reminded of Mallory Chong. Hope i get her surname right. remember her? she loves to draw and write letters as well. have you been keep in touch with her?

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