Sawadeeka Krueng Thep!! (Part 1)

There’s something about Bangkok that’s madly enticing. It’s not the shopping, it’s not really the people either, it’s that mess of wires, the mash of modern architecture right next to a slum, it’s the business model for every little big thing, their advertisements and the little discoveries that we find along the way.

Having not kept myself in tune with the latest Thai drama series for the past two years have cost me my speed of translation from English to Thai when I need to speak. I really ought to spend more time on it and a little less on The Apprentice UK. I LOVE LORD SUGAR. Okay next…

This trip was extremely spontaneous. Nic had to fly off to Bangkok(again), for a series of meetings, difference is he said he’ll extend his stay and make it into a mini holiday. Yay me!

Our flights were booked less than 24 hours before boarding. But oh so fun!

We checked in at 5pm on a Wednesday at Westin Hotel.

Westin Bangkok

Can’t get enough of their hospitality! They even provide sportswear + New Balance trainers if you would like to keep fit. I brought my own so I skipped that option. More on this later..

So my mornings looked like, up by 7:30am, breakfast spread and seeing Nic off! Ya alright, only for two mornings, but we woke up early for the next three days anyway!!


Back to my attempting to be fit story.. the very next morning, after seeing Nic off I ran for a little over 5km. WHAT POSSESSED ME INTO DOING SO?! I’ve never in my life ran for 5km straight without stopping. Such a bad idea. Getting off the thread mill took SO. MUCH. EFFORT. Like there were other people around and I tried oh-so-very-hard not to appear giddy. Left the gym, sat by the pool, thought I felt better and started to head back to my room, I missed two steps walking down with my hands flinging high 0.0 I’m so grateful there weren’t anybody visible (I think).

After all that drama, I dressed up and went trotting to my favourite malls, Siam Centre/Discovery, Paragon, Central World. But really I was just aiming for one brand – Lyn Around. Obsessed with it. Love almost every piece. And just my luck, it was the sales period! Again!

Shoes Shoes Shoes


It’s the Black and White Stripe phase, everywhere. And just cause I was wearing my Zara stripey pants, Nic found it funny that almost every other individual is in one and he pointed each and EVERY one out. Even when I’m not by him he sent pictures!!

I might just ditch that trend.

Next up, Neil’s Tavern & Skybar!




2 thoughts on “Sawadeeka Krueng Thep!! (Part 1)

    1. Then it’s time. End of the year’s almost here. BIG HUGE SALE! And of course, the sights and sounds would be there too. Oh and erm, food. Haha!

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