ChurpOut 2012.

We had a goal.

To celebrate our 3rd year anniversary – ChurpChurp’s. Turns out, we should do a bigger bash. And not for our anniversary/birthday, but for our community. Just for the heck of it.

It was meant to be huge. Hipster. Central. Funfair. Bazaars. So we named it #ChurpOut2012.

Then the Crisis happened.

A dude decided to delete 50 servers from Exabytes. And to top it off with a cherry and whipped cream – he deleted the back up servers too. Hurray. We had 8 servers hosted with them. Cloud hosting. Great. 2 weeks before our mega event.

Attempting to fix the crisis was difficult. Not to mention terribly emotionally and physically draining. That’s a story for another day.

Here’s us three crushing ourselves the night before the event.

Sitting on the floors of Publika till 6am in the morning is really something.

Loved the event though. Probably I’m just biased.


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