This One Weekend.

Waking up for 5 consecutive days every single week before the sun rises ain’t fun. So when the weekend arrives, the bed’s too welcoming and the company is too. See, reality shouldn’t be the weekdays, where we slave away. It should be when we have the time to really live. That is reality isn’t it? Where life happens?

I particularly look forward to Friday nights. Because that’s when I get to hook my arm around my arm candy, enjoy conversations with friends, knowing we could stretch the night without dreading the next day.

But this particular weekend, we outdid it. For me at least.

Nic asked, “Wanna head to Marini’s with me?” I contemplated. It’s definitely a grand place, but for an event? Didn’t feel like making water-cooler conversations so I declined.

That’s how it all began. Our usual bunch (minus a few) with a sprinkle of different taste started off the night at Publika.

7:30pm – 5 cars, 9 people. Munched our dinner away. Babbled. Teased. Bullied.

8:30pm – 10 people. Page 2. Wine, freezers, Pool, Table Tennis and gossip. Page 2’s a great place to hang out – pool table is a common thing, but table tennis? We got so excited. Though it got really hot, probably from all that bulbs shining.

10:45pm – Ki-Yun began to plan the post-post-dinner hangout. We were speaking, discussing, teasing all at once that Mark said “Who’s drunk here??” Well that happens when people like Wendy is telling Ki-Yun to get drunk and sleep with a girl before he can be considered a man. He ended up challenging us to head to Genting. Right here, right now. We were skeptical, because we needed cars and willing drivers. Plus that korean looking dude had a curfew anyway.

11:30pm – My chariot arrives. Karen threw the question almost immediately as she got in his car “Nic Chay, do you wanna go up to Genting? Now?” He said “Really? Ya. Let’s do it!” Then he looked at me “You want?” Heck yes. That korean looking dude backed out. Knew it, he had a curfew that he can’t break. So up we went – Nic, Karen, Fresh, Hon Mun and I. Roadtrip!!!!!! And I have NEVER done something like this before. I always wondered how cool it would be to be hanging out, popping an idea of heading somewhere and immediately do it.

12:15am – Up up UP we were! Strolled a little around, tried to get on a Carousel faking a birthday celebration. Plopped our butts down at Starbucks with our favourite drinks in hand. If speaking and laughing weren’t already attracting enough attention…

2am – We got random people to snap picture of us. Then out came the iPad and King of Opera. Hilarity ensued. By the time Globetrotters came on, Nic was banging Karen’s head (literally) because she was grabbing the bonus jewels.

3am – People are staring at us. We got another to take pictures of us with the polaroid. Snap snap snap.
3:30am – Time to head back down before our hyper-self dies.

4:20am – Took the wrong turn. Interrogation have been carried out in the car. No passenger was spared.

5am – Home. Sleepy. Getting grumpy. Still received TLC.

2pm – Crawled out of bed. Only cause Nic had to get the auto-gate fixed. Hah.

3pm – Left the house. Dropped the car back home & got my running gear. Banana leaf rice for lunch! Super satisfying. Crazy craved it for a while now!

6:30pm – Knowing we had to get ready very soon for the VW show, we sloth around. Actually we got caught up – him games, me book.

8pm – Das Auto 2012! Very spectacular. Always loved the beetle. Stood in line for 50 minutes to get into Modern Herbie. Zomg. But it speaks, so yes fun!

10pm – Stuck in a horrid jam, Jalan Ampang. But the jam was worth it when we stuffed our face with barbequed crabs, deliciously sourish spicy steamed fish and a savoury appetiser. Full but not too full. Almost too happy.

1am – plopped in ‘Man on the Ledge’. Good show.

3:30am – Finally tucked ourselves in bed

9am – Got up & peed – ME.

12:45pm – Got up & showered – HIM.

1:30pm – Got up & showered – ME. For some funny reason, we went back to bed.

4:20pm – Dragged ourselves up and showered for the 2nd time. Yes. We slept till 4pm. Unbelievable. But it was a much needed rest. Been sick for a while but we never got our rest.

5pm – First meal of the day. Haha.

6:15pm – We ran. Ran for over 4km.

8pm – Seafood dins. Haha. Oh and we took a stroll at the Pasar Malam. Never done that before!

Loved our weekend! I wonder what’s next.


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