Trip One: So overdue – Tanjong Jara.

Might be a little way overdue, our first ever trip… Tanjong Jara. The indulgent trip.

It started of with Nic telling me “Just apply for your leave. I’ll tell you what to pack. It’s a surprise.” Oh well, what do you know, Mister Romantic. =*

So the day came, we left early in the morning. Pit stopped for breakfast somewhere in town? 6 hours later, we’re at Tanjong Jara Resort. Absolutely gorgeous – from the hotel to the scenery to the beach. Impeccable service. What’s with hitting the gong as you enter? That jolt me awake.

And then we were brought to our room where we’ll stay for 3 days. It overlooks the sea. With that wooden panels as windows/balcony. It was really something. (Totally forgot to take a picture of the bathroom. It is pretty epic. Damn.)

Got ourselves settled in, and went for lunch.

We wanted to go jungle trekking (haha, yeah me, trekking.) but it was gloomy and we didn’t wanna be caught in the storm, so we spent the rest of the day strolling by the beach and enjoying our very nice room. Caught up on life-as-we-know-it, indulged in our dreams and told tales about our pasts.

Dinner was rather amusing, the chef came up to our table, read the day’s special and recommend dishes. What Nic does instead? He orders everything that she did not suggest – “I feel like tomyam, do you feel like tomyam? Ya, could we get a bowl of that? Also do you have deep fried fish, with soy sauce and ginger on top? And omelette? Just with onions.” Go figure. Okay maybe once he did order what she suggested. Food’s yummy. Honestly. Dessert too. Can’t stay away from those. Second night we had steamboat. Fancy being served (wait, he’s always feeding me *kisses*).

Now, we decided to order fancy cocktails. So, here’s mine.

And this is his. I’m not making this up. You can’t make this up.

But the giggles stopped and down my manliness went when it made me a lobster and maybe slightly drunk. Sigh, what can I say. I can’t hold my drink.

Around the resort at night’s pretty scary. I’m always afraid looking at the sea when it’s dark. It feels like I’m not able to see what’s coming at me. So, when we took a stroll around and across the resort grounds, it was huge mind you, the wind was blowing mad, waves crashing, I couldn’t wait to get back indoors and be wrapped in warmth. *floats*

Here comes breakfast. My favourite meal of the day, that is if it ain’t a date night. We might have overdone it. Then again, we always overdo meals. On top of ordering 3 variations of breakfast sets, we indulged in pastries, Nasi Lemak, eggs, so many types of eggs! Yogurt too, just cause it’s ‘healthy’. We got so excited looking at our food and we thought of those who were working back at the office and decided to send Michelle a picture of our breakfast with a tagline that read “Guess where am I?” Haha. ❤ you Mijel.

Of course after that we felt like a tub of lard and thought maybe we could/should work it off. Hopped on the bikes. No, bike. Singular. One. Tandem. Bike. Not cool when you are attempting to get that couple-tempo right. Shins all injured from that pedal banging. But the scenery’s great!

Took us about an hour, or so, playing around. Making bets about the map/road. I lost. I gave up riding – just lifted my legs (he didn’t even realise it. Ahaha.) Headed back to the hotel, laid around choosing our spa package.

Okay, no pictures of those because we didn’t bother bringing the camera. And what do you know, our spa came with that mandi bunga thing. Gawd cold water on a non-scorching day? Very, very cold!! Tried so hard not to shiver. Our session was held in a glassroom made for two, overlooking the gardens. A relaxing hour or two. They gave us batik thingys as souvenir, I wonder where it is. Might still be mixed with sand. Uh no.

Oh and there were beach verandas all around the resort. Climbed up into one and attempted to read our books. Nope, that didn’t happen. We behaved like honeymooners instead. Hahahaa. *wink*

So terribly pampered. <3’s. Well, till our next holiday! *kicks sand*


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