Pranks and Conversations.

Back in November, Karen and I stole Nicholas Chay’s iPad. From changing all of his folder’s names to locking up his iPad in the cabinet (he used that app finder to locate it), he eventually took his revenge:

He renamed my folders on my external harddisc. Thanks. 8 months later, I’m finally reformatting . And I DID NOT KNOW it takes ages.

It’s a Sunday. I’m in the office. It’s not even quarter way done. Fantastic.

On the way to the office earlier, there’s this Nando’s advertisement that reads:

[Pic Source]

Apparently ayam means prostitutes, and that particular area is well known for its selection. So Nandos, took advantage of the situation. Think their ads are brilliant. Each time we pass by this advertisement, Nic will find it extremely amusing. Like a kid to a puppet show.

I asked him “Think I could be one of those?”

He repied “Then I can be your PIMP”

I said “No! I don’t want you as my PIMP”

Very insulted, he said “Why not??? I could sell you know.”

Haha, no shit Sherlock. What do you do for a living again?

He went on bugging why don’t I want him as my PIMP. And he was genuinely insulted.

One of the most ridiculous conversations I’ve ever had.


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