It’s the purest form of joy when you knock someone out with their own words.

I’ll make a point to write down each success from today onwards. But since there is NONE that I could recall. Unfortunately. Here’s someone else’s.

I said “I won’t tolerate it. This is an order!”

He happily answered “Nope.”

I berated “You listen. There’re no two ways about this.”

He retorted with “Defying restrictions excite me”.

[Ugh. During my rebel days. I described my Twitter Profile as that. Why the heck he remembers it?! “I remember lah. Love you mah. ” Suree.]

To make things worse…

“Hahahaha. Pwned.”

And I replied “You kena pawned many times too”

He almost had a heart attack, “It’s pwned. Not pawned. Omg.”

Great. Double facepalm.

Night world.


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