Variety not Fickled.

While shopping, I pointed out this gorgeous leather chest from British India, “Isn’t that nice?”

And that was concluded into “There are so many things that you say ‘it is nice’. How is it all going to fit?”.

So I thought for a moment, gave a peck and said “Well then, you remember what I like and make sure it doesn’t clash”.

Chest are realistic at the foot of the bed. Gives the room a character! Look:

“A sofa’s better. What are you planning to keep in there?” he asked. Pillows? Duvets? Him? All that fluff has got to go somewhere during bedtime.

Now on to the garden. Neat. Minimalistic. Something predictable and minimal care. A must have, Frangipani. See how singular it is?

And my dream city garden looks so sad in my flower lover’s point of view. The idea is attractive no?

Soft furnishing. Curtains that sweeps the floor? I love roman blinds. But what about wooden shutters instead? I’m quite intrigued by the idea of it. White wooden shutters maybe.

Also I’ve recently taken interest in factory windows. They are HUGE with thin frames!

And another of my favourite quirk, is the library. I really want a wall of books. This wall should be the entrance of the workstation(which I always imagine it to look like an architect desk, no idea why)/reading room(big fat cosy leather couch)/quiet room(rugs and throws for family night). And I have always wanted THE library ladder. I’m slightly unrealistic. Blame the books for this imagination!

Back in 2007, I attended Noir launch and they had this huge red door. But it’s hollow, so it isn’t heavy. So Chinese, I know. A great entrance nonetheless. But I’m mad about doorknobs smack right in the middle. Imagine them mashed.

Double sink. A luxury for two.

And where ever my future bed lies, drapes or canopy, there is going to be one. No arguments there. Although, I do love a 4 poster bed.

I just imagined my dream interior didn’t I? Mad about interior designing. It is truly an addiction that imprints the imagination. Guess that’s why Pinterest drains my sleeping hours.


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