The Gooey Stringed Web.

Have you met the star of this movie? Andrew Garfield. He stole my stares when he appeared in ‘The Social Network’ as the CFO. Anyway, maybe that isn’t really the point of the movie. But have you seen that mess of hair on him? Okay, it may seem like I’m not into hair these days…

but really, the waves, damned.

Alright, I may have wandered off. FOCUS.

There are only a handful of superheros that I adore (apart from the actor who plays the part), Spider-Man’s one of them. And heck, it’s coming out soon and I would love to watch that string of gooey web swing right in front of me. So here goes,

“If you were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would you want to get?”

I would love to have spidey sense. With all the horror with kidnapping women, don’t we all need that? Also probably an iron arm, to shield myself and others from those parangs. Ain’t a joke when it’s coming at you.

But if I could turn into an animal with a superpower, I would choose to be sabertooth with poisonous fangs and powered by deafening roar.

Now that ought to save a part of the world.

Maybe I could be Andrew Garfield’s pet. No, Spider-Man’s I mean.


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