Worst Best Friend.

Last year, 2011, on June 18th I was at Cold Storage, picking out wine. And I recalled Chand have excellent taste in wine, so I rang her up. Went on and on about it when she said:

“Have you forgotten? It’s my birthday today!”

Then she wouldn’t speak to me. Damn. I was under the list worst-friend-on-earth for a week.

This June 18th, 2012, I had something to rant about. Whipped out my ever ready with horrible connection BlackBerry and begin ranting.

“Instead of wallowing in the past, why don’t focus on the present, like how you’ve forgotten my birthday, AGAIN! Despite the reminder.”



For real?

Worst best friend ever.

People shouldn’t have June babies. Seriously. NO JUNE BABIES!

*Weird Fact: I can’t remember June birthdays. It won’t stick.

I’m sorry Chand. I do love you. And Happy Birthday ❤

Thank you for still loving me after forgetting you twice in a row.

And heck Yuenny, how dare you jump queue once I reminded yah?! Monkey.


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