Getting lost in Tambun.

Road trip Number 5! Yea, we made it. A quick one. Just over the weekend. We thought Ipoh would be something different. Lost World of Tambun –  was to be the highlight!

All six of us, rolled up into two cars. Begun our journey at 7:30am. Grabbed our toxic – Milo & Nescafe. And off we went!

Brekkie at Ming’s Court. Packed! Even bumped into my Grandma and cousins. Random. Their dimsums are incredibly tiny! But delicious though. The two Nicholas’ kept searching for paus. Asked each and every waiter/waitress. After 20 minutes, they caught it hot from the oven.

Checked in and headed straight for Lost World of Tambun. We were all ready for water slides and other non-friendly-camera activities, so, no pictures! Dipped ourselves in hot springs too! Very hot! We even munched on delicious pizza right after that. Oh, you know those tubes that you have to rent? We lost one of them, we scoured almost everywhere. o.0 found it with a white dude and an indian chick.

Back to the hotel, showered and off we went! Rounded a million times before we settled on a chinese restaurant that I can’t recall. Oddly, even at 7pm, the town’s sleeping! Do Ipoh people stay home for dinner? We stopped by Pasar Malam after that, sneaked away to get Karen’s birthday cake. Hah! Went for a massage too. By the time we got in the car, it was 10pm, and we were sleepy.

But heck, we spotted McDonald’s drive thru and we KL-hopeless-people, had to. Of course we had to. Now, we are all sleepy headed people, with a whole lot of booze stocked up and a cake to blow.

The prep: Nic & I, had the cake and candles ready, knocked on Michelle’s door to check if Maren’s camping there. Turns out, happy greedy monkeys were busy gobbling food in there. So, headed back to my room to prep the cake, calling Timo & Mimi to find out Karen’s age because we are doubting. No, Facebook did not help.

By the time we got there, with the candles all lit up, knocked on the door, they (Karen + Waiping) left -.- Gawds. So we blew the candle and waited. With no warning, there came a knock on the door. No, it wasn’t Waiping. WHY WHY WHY did she NOT shower first?! Quickly attempted to light the candles, I went over to help Nic with it, he was lighting the very last one, Michelle was turning off the lights, slammed the door pretending she just got out of the bathroom and… Nic blew off the match that lit the candles…

and accidentally he blew ALL the candles. The room was in pitched black, and Karen’s been knocking on the door for a good 5 minutes. Totally fishy.

Haha. Failed much?

Such a funny incident! Then Karen decided to reuse the cake for Waiping/Pinky.

For booze, we had Moscato and Heineken accompanied by a drinking game, that made us seem almost too ridiculous. Slightly after midnight we called it a night, because next early morning we’ve got to pick up those huge egg tarts!

I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO GET UP. It was 7am. I didn’t care for diamond bribes. I just whined and rolled in the sheets. But I had to…with or without diamonds, I got up and out with the gps in my hand that DID NOT help to search for that Crown logo egg tart shop.

See I tied it that way because… Have you met Nic’s driving?

We both ended up at Foh San for breakfast. Quite delicious too. Then we met up with the rest for white coffee, toast and roasted pork! Back to the hotel, packed and to Chicken Rice! And after an hour on the road on the way back to KL, we stopped by at Bidor for Duck Noodles.

So full. Not even funny. Nic and I went for a swim later that evening. I’d no idea where that energy came from.

❤ next stop, WORK!


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