Are you sync?

So about 5 months ago I learnt..

Wow, has it really been 5 months?

That there are 5 main Love Languages.

I remember speaking about The Love Languages back in 2009. Then, I didn’t know there were actual studies. We were in a discussion and some how it ended broaching the topic of relationships, communication. And we got to debating, throwing our thoughts around, and agreeing that there are many languages. Not necessarily we understand/know it, hence, never fulfilled. But yes, 5 months ago I learnt that there are 5 main love languages.

Words of affirmation.
Quality time.
Receiving gifts.
Acts of Service.
Physical Touch.

No, the both of you do not have to have the same language. It only eases the flow of the relationship if you do know what yours is. For example, if Bomer’s language of love is ‘Physical Touch’, his partner, in order to show her love for him, she would have to show it through – holding hands, hugs, pats, kisses, wrapping around his arms (it’s really not just the bedroom activity). Her love language? Words of affirmation. Now for her to feel loved, she needs to be cooed, told that she’s loved, cared, thought about. So if they speak each other’s Love Language well, then both parties will constantly be kept happy. Wouldn’t they be?

Of course in every relationship, all 5 makes it a relationship. But which do you value the most? In a heartbeat, I know what’s mine.

But then overtime, I thought about my past and present, I don’t think it would nudge my way. To save myself, I figured…

*raises eyebrow*

I’ll think about it.

But till then…


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