Going over that brief a million times, scrunching up to appeal to the masses or niche, is all in a day’s work. Literally. Not an advertising agency – do not get the privilege of creative time. It’s now. End of the day. Not just one. A handful.

But truly, it is copywriting. Good copywriting requires full focus, inspiration, research, freedom and god damned time. Something we do not have the luxury of.

Criticisms are almost welcomed, though I must stress creativity’s subjective. But because of the masses, always workable. But don’t take a diss at it without a decent justification.

Found this quote, hitting a little too close,

A lawyer may be able to defend a murderer whom he knows to be guilty, and a surgeon may be able to operate on a man he dislikes, but professional detachment doesn’t work in advertising. Some measure of a personal commitment is required before a copywriter can sell a product.

– David Ogilvy.

You just can’t. I can’t.

Do you really want me to?


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