Road Trip Four!

It seems I’d been on trips every month! Tanjong Jara, Chiang Mai, Singapore & Cameron Highlands!

It was tradition to head back to Thailand every 2 years for a month during winter. But ever since I started working, that just didn’t seem feasible. My last trip, 2010, for 5 days. But that didn’t include everyone. There had been many times, dad organised family trips to Cameron, Fraser’s, but uh, yeah.

So here’s the the first family trip of 2012!

They went up on Friday. We, worked on Friday. Haha.
So on Saturday… It was a rather long drive, must be the windy roads. Fed ourselves with very healthy & scrumptious McDonalds. =P

There’s a live in chef who cooks pretty scrumptious food. The highlight, ginger bread pudding with custard sauce. Oh yums. And we always seem to end our meal with strawberries. Oh, she makes really yummy crepe pancakes too – glazed with sugar and butter.

We were there till Tuesday morning, what do you really do in Cameron Highlands? Well, during the day time, we tried to be tourists – tea plantation, pasar malam, strawberry farm, organic farm, mushroom farm, a cafe recommended by Lonely Planet. When we are back in the house, we snuggle up to a book, or Dexter on TV. Sometimes, we fall asleep. During the nights, we have a lengthy dinner, wine, play King of Opera, Gravity Guy, Globe Trotters. One night, we watched Lee Chong Wei.

Here’s my sis being a sis. She found a spot. Hid. And scare the crap out of my brother.

But, her karma was returned when Nic placed a bug by her head while she was asleep. Oh that went very well. She had a spasm before her body could react to the messages she’d been sending from her brain. Haha. She finally jumped rolled outta it.

But what I really love about this place is the cosy bungalow. Nic said, “Think if I live here for another 2,3 months, I could grow my hair back.” Awh, silly deluded Snoopy *blow kisses*.

How did we end our trip?
That soup in Tanjong Malim.

No plans for the month of April though. Maybe a road trip!



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