A post you ought to read.

So, our weekends are usually reserved for family. We like it that way. There are a lot of us time in between that, but we try to mix it up with family too. SO…

On Saturday, I made plans with health. We were to go get some stamina up. Nic and Mimi were on that list too. Mimi decided to burn calories crying instead. It was just the both of us. Up the hill we went.

Then we met Yuenny and The Lovebirds for Dim Sum. Yum. And while Yuenny and The Much Needed Person For Everything were working, I went for a manicure. Hah *princessy mode*

Now, we are almost at the part where you should read. Back at Nic’s, we are catching up on MadMen, his mom asked to stay for dinner, and we prepared for our usual evening stroll…

[If you must know, I’m not the MasterMind of Pranks. I just so happen to be a part of almost each and every one of them *tings*halo appears*]

Nic was going ON and ON about shoe racks. He said he wanted to install a shoe rack from ceiling to floor, but his mom wants a particular set. *rambled on and on* He went on to point out other houses with it.

We took a different route this time, across the playground, 2 rows away. That was when he pointed out a house. He said “See! Like that shoe rack!” And I’m thinking “Dude, we’ve seen that same shoe rack at least in 3 houses.” But, of course instead I played along “Yes, okay. That.”

THIS TIME, he said “Let’s go check it out!” I retorted “WHAT? NO!” But he went up to gate, trying oh-so-very-hard to unlock it.

I’m there, standing as far as I could, panicking. Thinking, good gawds, there’s like 3 guards patrolling up and down this street and he is attempting to trespass.







After 5 full minutes, which felt like 10 to eternity, he managed to unlock the side gate. He went IN. GAWDS. He demanded “Come here now!”

I looked around. Contemplating. The house does look empty. BUT WHO WALKS IN JUST LIKE THAT. DON’T YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT OR SOMETHING? So I said “HELL NO! You come out NOW!”. Yeah, sure, tell Nic what to do and he’ll do it.





…… screw this shit. This guy is mad.

Then, out of nowhere, the neighbour appeared and was apologising in Cantonese.

1) I can’t understand Cantonese for NUTS.

But somehow, I understood what this man said. Something along the lines of “I’m sorry I parked in front of your house”.


He owns the damn house.




I hate being punk’d.

Ain’t funny.

Okay, maybe a little. ❤


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