Who are you again?

On the scale of one to ten, where are you on the pace, ten being the highest…

Well, about 7.

Last night.

The big 50.

The sweet 16.

Dad decided to celebrate his 50th and Ter’s 16th together! All dolled up, we headed to Hilton for dinner. Chinese style of course. And I ordered that terribly addictive Mille Crepe cake from Humble Beginnings. I used to not like it, but now I’m on a constant crave for it. I just love feeling the layers on my tongue. Hmm.

Yes, I am aware of Nic’s presence. He was cordially invited (by my dad. *horror*) to attend the ‘official’ celebration too. He even swooned my grandma. And man, that’s heart of stone!

Mille Crepe, Mille Crepe, Mille Crepe.

At 3pm today, we were clocked to attend Boom! It was Timo’s idea of being/feeling cultured. I might have dozed off a little bit. In my defense, my system is screwed up from the meds I take. But the narrator was hilarious.

Ended my day with dinner with his……………………… family.






So now we are even. Had dinner the grandma. What month is it again?

❤ Doodles~


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