Trip 3 – SG.

Just a peek away from work lies – Singapore!

There was an itinerary all planned out, but Indo had an insider-to-SG plan. Coming over to Singapore had me thinking – tourist. But we had the little hideaways of SG instead and we loved it. If only we had more time to indulge.

Here goes:

When we first step foot on Singapore, we devised a plan. Since I did not managed to pick up CNY cookies from Yuenny’s house (she wanted to give to Chand)…

To Yuenny: Hey, we brought CNY cookies on your behalf for Chand! – Yuenny was very greatful.
To Chand: Hey, Yuenny asked us to pass this food to you! *pic below*

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA. It was funny. And even had a line prepared because Chand hates Milo so much:

You really do like Milo, you just don’t know it yet.

Needless to say, Yuenny scolded me all the way from SG through Chand. But I thought it was really funny. And honestly, it wasn’t my plan =P

First stop – Mandarin/Gallery. It’s like a mini Pavilion. Of course I went a little bonkers. Since it takes more than half an hour to get a seat at Wild Honey, we thought – SHOP!

I spent the entire half an hour in ONE Novelty Shop. Gawddammit. Rather pricey, but too gorgeous to walk away from.

Now on to Wild Honey – they serve breakfast from different countries! & I love brunch. I rather roll between the sheets in the morning, curled up, whispering sweet nothings with giggles and secrets. That’s ideal. Plus, brunch so much cosier.

Tiny note: I look so greedy beside the two bird eaters.

After brunch and catching up/getting to know, I met H&M. HAH! Man, do I miss H&M. One of my most favourite store in UK. I will not disclose the damage. But I assure it is a REASONABLE amount. =P We too did shopping in Cold Storage for our little picnic. Ham, cheese, baguette, olives, salami, hummus and wine. And my favourite wine of all time – Moscato Rose. Brooks Brothers. Oh, it certainly hurt my head. It’s probably the elevated garden of Marina Barrage. Haha. We swayed to the breeze, the smell of grass, stepped on mud, took pictures with the company, 360 view of gorgeous architecture and watch flashing LED kites fly.

We were suppose to head to the night safari. Hah, my head said “move and I’ll hammer your ears off”. Chand said “take an aspirin or we’ll go home”. Nic said “I need air, I’m going to faint”. Hilarious, we called it a night.

The very next day, instead of heading to Tanjong Beach Club – Sentosa, we told the cab driver Sentosa. We thought we had time whilst waiting for Chand to arrive, so we peeked at Universal Studios and HERSHEY’S.

Tiny note: Chand, you may kill me after reviewing these next set of pictures, I swear I didn’t know it was a whole different area. *angel*

Finally, we realised that we were at a WHOLE different area, took a cab and whoa! Man made beach with a WHOLE lot of Ang Mo’s in swimsuits and muscles. o.0

Hailed a cab to the zoo. Stuffed me with Ben & Jerry’s. With a map, they navigate around the Hornbill section. ❤

Down came the sun. Rode to Arab street and… shop! No, I meant we had Apple Tea!

❤ Thanks Chand for the fantastic tour. All wrapped up in one, I still miss you terribly much. Missing a Yuenny though =(

Till the next holiday.. *taps off*


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