The other Khoo.

Many years ago, fine, back in high school, I heard of a girl with the same surname as mine. Well, the story is, one guy tried fooling me that he liked a Khoo. He didn’t think it was cool to gawd damned tell me just then, so he named another Khoo, which happened to be Sara Khoo. It was the year 2001 in highschool, don’t judge. Oh did I mentioned, there are no fat Khoo’s? *laughs* I’m not too sure now. Back then, we thought so!

We acknowledged one another, with the usual smile. Nothing fancy till we ended up in the same class in Form 4. We were streamlined into a class where we know no one. And here we are…

Okay, maybe not that pic.. here’s a recent one!

I’ve more silly pictures but I rather not.

We’ve been through high school, boys, girls (filtered – no one made it), the drama, lovers, baking, cleaning & her never ending nag of wasting water, the sleepovers & midnight haircuts, the clothes & fitting room incidents, the secrets, the gossips, the “love” for girls.. who would have thought we would end up working together?

Rewind 7 years…

– We had a sleepover & I was trying out my used-to-be awesome, Sony Ericsson W600. –

And I’ll never forget her baboon pants.

Back to the current age…

As a token of our friendship. Longer than any other relationships we ever had. It deserves a recognition.

Happy 23rd Birthday Rahrah.

Get married soon. I’m losing the bet already.

Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha….  it’s dated 9th of December 2005. What’s up little Chung Wei? See, I told you I knew them for thaaaaat long. Yes, that means I get to make fun of them however & whenever I want to. And no, they weren’t together yet.

*lots of love and kisses* Happy getting-old!


2 thoughts on “The other Khoo.

  1. KY: it was and still is a cool pair of pants! *smacks KY

    Hopo: TOLD you no baboon business!
    hheheh but yeahhh we go wayy back, you outlasted the rest and I mightve pulled the sperm stunt hahaha

    love you! and us. and I don’t say that enough 🙂

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