It was a fashion event!

FashionValet turns ONE!!

And we thought, we should all go support Vivy! Since you know, she never make our lives difficult whenever we work with her. Hahaa. Nahh, actually, we girls love every single item on FashionValet (and one day we’ll close our eyes and just swipe the card) and we love Vivy too so there we were! [Nicchay’s just there for.. I’m not sure]

*pictures from Mimi’s cam =D

And omg, Ben from FlyFM was hosting together with Phat Fabes. Haha, I like Ben. I love his Wake Up calls. Heeehee =D But I didn’t pull a fangirl on him. I did that from far. =P

Away from the event. Mimi & I found a huge mirror. HUGE. Snapp! & we grabbed some plastic erm pointy erm orangy stuffs too.

On another note, I love NigaHiga. WHoops!



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