Till next year~

The year end’s here… and the usual, the family will head up to Thailand for winter and will return to hot Malaysian shores when we could flip to a new calendar. Except for me *miserable*. Dad keeps asking whether I want him to book the happy ticket but…. *drags feet* I can’t do the whole leave thing. Heck, there are so many ‘compulsory’ attendance that I’m pretty sure I have to skip my yearly ‘balik kampung’. *wails*

Slight change of plans this year, mom’s heading there first. Dad & bro will be heading for a cruise before flying up north. 0.o What about ME?! Spot and I will be rekindling our friendship whilst waiting for my sister to fly back from India. And this morning, we saw her off =(

I saw shoes that I really liked and is only sold at the airport. Hmmm~~~ I’ll be there at the airport again on the 10th. Now, I wouldn’t mind~~ waiting… just a while.. I can hear Rahrah scolding me already. Man… it’s a different shoe! *sigh*

Without mom = without food. By the time I get home and attempt to cook, I think dad and bro will grumble till my ears bleed.  Maybe I’ll finally use the Crock Pot book. The other day she made this soup. I would like to tell you I that I remember the name, but I don’t. What’s in this soup? Something like with chicken, coconut juice & the meat, lemon grass, tomatoes, sengkuang, lime leaves, chilis… *taps tummy*

Till next year mom *kiss kiss*. Now, who’s gonna host a party sooon~~~ ?

There are times, where Wendy aka Dumbledee, bring treats! She usually bakes them, or her sister. This time, she brought Guinness cupcakes! Do NOT know what Guinness tastes like, but this is delicious. Look (want the recipe? Please ask @awendyy):

Did I mention, a few weeks ago we (family) decided to go all the way to Perak for lunch? All for this soup. Pre-ordered. One each. Worth every penny/cent. Now I feel so chinese. Hahahaha..
I know, there are sharkfins in it, I am usually against eating it, however, this is out of courtesy. =D

Now I’m really sleepy. And I see my Sunday twisting against my wish. So I shall do my weekly clearing my mess of a room and read a non-Middle Eastern book. I think I’ve read too much of those.




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