A weekend’s worth.

Love how we had a long weekend ahead of us! Couldn’t wait for it to begin after a horrid week!

Thursday Night.

Maren, the bold colour lover, talked about shoes and I introduced her……. Bershka! Hahahaaa… Was first introduced to it by The Indo. She have relatives in Spain and when she saw it in UK, she got all happy and excited. But the only time I bought something was in Galeries Lafayette. First item purchased in Paris. Which reminds me, it’d been a while since I last wore my jeans top. Lalalaa~~

Didn’t lighten my wallet this time around, had some ice cream though. My fav store, Baskin Robbins. And we spotted a dude, in erm.. check out the pic.

Friday Night.

We decided to pop over to Mukha. A few of us were craving the yummilicious Banoffee pie. I reckon they should have a thicker layer of banana, but, I suppose I could/should try to make these one day. Wendy & Rahrah have tried to! Oh, oh.


And on Saturday, some of the nuffies & churpies attended the Chatime event @ Publika. For those of you who have not been there, should! Imagine Jaya One + Solaris + Bangsar all wrapped into one. Artsy Fartsy. Love it.

Then I retired to this……………………. *grins*


Took a ride down south. Hellooo.. Malacca, again! This time, with colleagues (Yuenny, Wendy, Maren, Wai Ping, Timo, Mimi, Rahrah +1 (Wei) and Kal) !
I may be seen carrying my lappie around, but that’s only because I worked in the car. That’s really it! Rest I dedicated it to.. being a part of the million gazillion tourists on Jonker Street -.-

Usually, during the nights (that I stay in), my brother will pop into my room or vice versa and when the doors open, our first words to each other are ‘Watchu doing?’ Then we’ll do the usual,  hanging out together,  playing the iPod or Skyping (he skypes on the daily basis with his friends -.-) or sometimes reading (not him obviously) or watching Big Bang Theory/Weeds/Friends/YouTube videos. That’s how I got to know NigaHiga and he’s pretty darn handsome awesome. =P


Next day, mom and I decided to go shopping!! =D You see, we really needed… nothing. So off we went =P

Normally, by the time I get home, I see the moonlight. So we usually spend weekends, in the evening, with Spot. Because we love him just thaaaa-saturdaysunday-tttt much. Since we are remodeling our bathrooms, we’ve got lotsa boxes. Dad & bro decided to turn a few into Spot’s bungalow. Check it out! Sometimes we climb in. Here’s a picture of Chester in it. And he’s like…. 170+ tall. (If you see the scratched/torn door, that’s because we locked Spot in. Hahahahaha!)

Did you know Spot eats.. plants? I know dogs eat a certain type of plant when they feel sick. But Spot does that because he likes it too -.- He is SO WEIRD sometimes. So my dad planted a pot for him. They take it out from time to time for Spot to munch on it. Spot is SO WEIRD.
And THAT, sums up my eventful weekend =)


SPOT IS SO WEIRD!!! [Can’t get over it]


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