Bedtime story~

YES. I bought my trainers. Yes.. I am attempting to keep to my fitness regime. These shoes are awhsome. So free~ So pretty~ I’ll be jogging/running around with Spot. Which reminds me, he showered twice today. Once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Dad didn’t know I showered for that rascal. Do you know Spot kills rats for a living? Hah.

Yuenny allowed me to launch into dessert craves. While I was getting it, she took these.. -.- Please also take note of her workaholic habit. We were suppose to go for a jog. But she cancelled on the whole To-Be-Healthy Team (Kadazan & gang) because she said.. “NOPEEE, WORK!”

Erm, for this part of the story.. Well, yes, I might have been spotted at a particular karaoke spot.. twice, the past 2 months. Gawds. But, it’s fun. I can feel Chand laughing at me already. I hate you. Anyway, back to the night, we  had loads of time to kill, so we headed to The Strand! Looks new and pretty.

These 2 doodoos, I wanted to snap a nice picture of them, but nooooo, without knowing that each other did it, they stuck their tongues out. SERIOUSLY GUYS?! And they were excitedly asking me “Did you see my tongue? Did you see my tongue?” “Oh, you stuck your tongue out tooo????” -.-

It was a good day =) We had laser tag before that. And drove against traffic. Totally cool. I can star in SPEED 3 now.

Next morning, Rahrah and I woke up real early, groggy & all, we got up and she got her GOV stuff done in half an hour, and off we went shopping. Hah. Wendy wanted 2 sets of comforter. I said “NO” on Andrew’s behalf. Meanwhile, Rahrah was pleading for one bedset, she didn’t wanna pay it herself you see. But that didn’t work either. Oh well..

Till next post! Doodhedoodles~


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