With the hazy skies & the full faced moon.

My favourite Chinese festival.

It must be the glow of the candles and the old paper lanterns. Though this year, the moon was outshined by the haze.

Mom said “Oh tonight we can light up candles!” (So there goes my Chatime~ =P )

–*remember to hover over.

Mom and her tea candles. And we begged mom for McD. You see, it all started when McD sent a brochure promoting its latest “Family Dinner Set”. So eventhough, it was only for me and my brother. We still went for it. Bah, glutton.

Spot was all by himself. Poor sod. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He was let out soon nuff! Funny story (not really but..), last year Spot burnt his whiskers when he came too close to the candle. He learnt is lesson. Just erm, I wanted to see what he would do if i put his toy – ring circling the tea candle. Spot zoomed in for it and erm, kinda, sorta, dipped his nose into the wax. Heh, I felt so bad. *kiss kiss* He forgave me alright. He kissed/licked me.

My brother, Chester, is utterly disgusting. Seriously. He found a slug and he murdered it. Not only that he dipped it in wax. He poked it with a satay stick and burnt it till it fizzled. Gross.

Then Yuenny arrived. In her Legendary Green Myvi. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, back in 2006. Yuenny received her license. And her Myvi. But we never saw this Myvi. It was kept hidden for AT LEAST a year or two. It grew fungus. True story.

Mom started a fire. For us to roast marshmallows and she barbequed glutinous rice – flattened, brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt. A thai snack. We even barbequed some for Spot (without oil or salt)! He was such a pig.

Yuenny found a goose feather. That’s because my mom was fluffling the insides our sofa earlier this evening. We even had young green mango and sliced fresh lemon in water. We’re helping Yuenny in a fat race. After tempting her with.. GongCha. Pfft. Failed.

It was a good night.. A pretty night.
Work begins tomorrow. Must it really?

*sad* toodles~


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