The BIG update.

There’s no chatter about these days.

Indulged in books and movies and birthday and painting and rearranging and the return of the sister.

So, here’s a bunch of snapshots and a clink to no more disappearences!

*Hover over the pictures little descriptions*
Okay, there’s a bunch of pictures that refuses to rotate. So.. *pfft* to it.

Got bored of the fresh mint coat of paint and the arrangement of the room. It’s still missing the two frames right on the top of the beds (have not choose pictures for it =P) and also, can’t decide on the blinds/curtains.

I love light bulb by its own. But it shines too brightly so I makeshift this! (Okay, my BB is awful. Dulls the colour!)

It was Spot’s birthday. =) So I bought him a toy. He loves soft toy =S

Then it was MY birthday =D Made invitation cards. I prefer the old fashioned way. Mimi was making fun of me. Saying I’m princessy *crosses arms* It is better than an e-mail!

Uh huh, and here’s my awesome birthday present from my dad. See, he was suppose to get me a camera. But you know, I couldn’t wait and bought it myself. And I got an upgrade! A super upgrade =P I think some part of him regrets not purchasing the camera. Lala~~

Had a late night with Rahrah. There are times where we do NOT know what to do but just WANT to do something. Here’s one of those times. Desserts at ungodly hour. =P

Kal abandoned me for Japan. Before that, the usual cookies.. but, he dropped a pressie in there! It was a Spot charm =D

We took pictures all night long at The Bedroom, Pavilion. More friends than colleagues! *big hugs*

For the one with the family, we had the whole 10 course at Tai Thong.. such a pretty place. Ain’t those chinesy ones. And of course cake back home. We played Bingo too. Dad thought it would be funny to buy me a Bingo set to insinuate that I’m ‘OLD’. I ain’t old!!

At some point, our company implied we are too unhealthy for such young people. =P So here’s to badminton! Jacqkie doing some fancy shamsy dance as my partner.

Yuenny had/still have =P a messy room. She eureka-ed and bought a huge boxes-shelf. It was hell getting it into the car. But meanwhile, she vandalised Ikea furniture and well, we fixed this darn heavy wood on her bed. Yupe! True story!

Kelly was down from Canada, did a little interning at a law firm. From time to time we’ll meet up, and this time, we went touring Putrajaya! Oh and her Japanese friend from Sendai was here too!

Rahrah abandoned me for her other half (I THOUGHT I WAS HER OTHER HALF!! </3) And she ran off to Perth, but not before putting this in my postbox.

Then Sa came back from India for 3 weeks. She’s doing Dentistry there. She was telling me how people like to assume Medicine is more difficult than Dentistry. She said, Dentistry students actually studies the exact same subjects as Medicine students but with additional Dentistry subjects. Then again, I didn’t bother thinking too much into it =P But now that she mentions it, yeah.

Kal had a day off on Friday and was determined to feed me McD Big Breakfast. And he did. Dropped me off at work. Picked me up at half day, brought me to Magnificent Fish & Chips on Changkat (our fav restaurant on Changkat) and I ordered another Big Breakfast.

Had a Grandma birthday lunch yesterday. For once, everyone’s back from where they were. Here’s the bunch of cousins!

Then Sa flew off this early morning. A little sad I must admit, she wasn’t that annoying this time around. Hah. =P

Toodles~ Won’t be gone long.


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