My most FAVOURITE candy in the planet!

(Post below – Mommy’s Day.)

When I was young, we went to Singapore every fortnight for the weekend. My childhood friend Kelly was there. Her family’s like a gypsy. They used to (or still hold citizenships): Malaysian, Singaporean, Australian now Canadian. Next, American I think. Oh she’ll be arriving next weekend! Woohoo~~ for a 3 months internship. She completed her Degree in Business something and now she’s doing a degree in Law. Yes, she’s mad that way. She’d been around the world. YES, around the world. If only I’d the energy their family have. They speed travel. Completed touring of Asia in 2 weeks. -.- I think. Anyway, I’m sliding of my post point: in Singapore, I was introduced to the yummiest sweet in the ENTIRE universe.

If you know me well enough, I don’t eat candy. Hardly ever. I just don’t fancy candy. See, no cavity. Yupe, no filings *dances* BUT… this yummyness, I just can’t resist!

Heard of Roll-ups?

Use to get it in Singapore, Uncle Toby’s. But they stopped producing it, I don’t know why. Jaya Grocer have this thing where if you like something and they don’t sell it, suggest it to them and they’ll try to get it for you. My oh my… guess what we found after…… almost a year?

ROLL-UPS! (different brand (Betty Crocker), but whatever)

Here’s how to eat it.
Step one: It is a sheet of sticky sweet and rolled up in plastic. So you’ve got to un-roll it:

Step Two: Pull off that plastic sheet. And roll the sticky candy back!

Ah, fun and satisfaction. I was so greedy, I’d the best choc chip mint ice cream too (Baskin Robbins serves yummy ones, shaved choc.) and I had After-Eight mint with it! I know, I know, gluttony!

Yupe. My dessert overload. =D

Candies that I crave from time-to-time:
– Sour tapes – just cause it’s sour.
– Famous Amos’s gummy bears – because it’s chewy.
– Willy Wonka’s NERDS. – because it’s crunchy and sour.

The rest? I’ll pass~~


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