Mini Coopers.

I love advertisements. Like I really do love advertisements. I used to borrow thick books of advertisement campaigns. And read that instead of boring theoretical books. It inspires me.

I now own one ad campaign book. Thanks to Kal XD . That’s when I realise these case studies are really entertaining to read. So what I did was revamp the case studies at work to make it much more concise and interesting (for the clients’ benefit). Nope, did not get the idea from anywhere or anyone else.

Anyway, in most advertisement campaigns book, they will feature one Mini Cooper ad campaign. They do have the most fantastic ads. Bought me over. I’m gonna get myself a Mini someday.

Here are some awesome ones:
A Mini Cooper Vending Machine:

For this, Mini Cooper car owners had this ID chip installed into their car keys, so when they happen to drive near one of these billboards, a personal message will appear! Now HOW COOL IS THAT. According to the book, they want their customers to feel special, hence they store certain personal information, as the message is random. The message COULD be nothing about the car btw:

Self crazy explanatory. New Xenon lights at that time:

And this is pretty darn fun, to emphasize on being ‘spacious’:

Just-have-lots-of-money-to-spend ads:

Mini cooper advertisements are REALLY awesome. From time to time I bump into their magazine ad. This particular one is bloody brilliant, saw it a long time back:

It reads: Find out why a MINI handles the way it does at
Yupe, they bought 2 spread for just that.
Btw, there are 3 red bullets in the middle. Basically this ad shows Mini can do precise corners/turns.

Sole reason why I wanna get a Mini, plus Italian Job showed me how awesome Mini Cooper drives and is as a ride.



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