People who say cats are the best and smartest (*stares at Timto*) have not own a dog.
Would you rather a wife who is oblivious to your existence, refuses to shower you any attention what-so-ever, struts around with a glare AND leaves you whenever she feels like it.

Cats are not humans, vice versa? Well, pets reflect their owner’s personality. I’ve nothing against cats, I love kittens and furry pretty cats and I genuinely feel hate for those morons who torture cats/kittens, but I just can’t stand their “diva” attitude.

Anyway, found this article online about the dog in Japan after the tsunami, check it out:

Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble

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There’s a reason why people say “Dogs are men’s best friend”. Cats know no loyalty, unlike dogs.


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