Hi readers! You know how you’ve heard of the fun at the orange office? Well, here’s a little peek of it.
“Fine print”: No, I don’t really head the ‘tweetjacks + pranks’.

Here at the Nuffnang/orangeΒ office, we constantly leave our comps unattended and unlocked. We did finally learnt not to do it, after a year. But anyhow, that is when we started this trend called “Tweetjacking”. Β Alright, someone searched ‘How to tweetjack’. Let me guide you through the process.

First, you head to an unattended computer or phone, usually their Facebook/Twitter/MSN is left wide open. And………………………… all you’ve got to do is:

For Twitter (the origins of Tweetjacking) –

Amateur version: Engage conversation. Example: WTHELL! Did you guys noticed the black moon last night? Real examples: Tweetjack post

Professional version: Change the damn username.

For Facebook –

Amateur version: Status jack. Write something silly like:

Professional version: Go into Account Settings and switch their name (and political view).

And while you’re at it, change their picture and like ridiculous pages.

But when you are SUPER PRO: You could do a group thing:

For MSN –

Amateur version: Change username + status.

Professional version: GROUP SPAM CONFUSION! Same name, picture and font.

Target ONE

Target TWO

Good luck!!!!!!


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