Hi readers! You know how you’ve heard of the fun at the orange office? Well, here’s a little peek of it.
“Fine print”: No, I don’t really head the ‘tweetjacks + pranks’.

Here at the Nuffnang/orange office, we constantly leave our comps unattended and unlocked. We did finally learnt not to do it, after a year. But anyhow, that is when we started this trend called “Tweetjacking”.  Alright, someone searched ‘How to tweetjack’. Let me guide you through the process.

First, you head to an unattended computer or phone, usually their Facebook/Twitter/MSN is left wide open. And………………………… all you’ve got to do is:

For Twitter (the origins of Tweetjacking) –

Amateur version: Engage conversation. Example: WTHELL! Did you guys noticed the black moon last night? Real examples: Tweetjack post

Professional version: Change the damn username.

For Facebook –

Amateur version: Status jack. Write something silly like:

Professional version: Go into Account Settings and switch their name (and political view).

And while you’re at it, change their picture and like ridiculous pages.

But when you are SUPER PRO: You could do a group thing:

For MSN –

Amateur version: Change username + status.

Professional version: GROUP SPAM CONFUSION! Same name, picture and font.

Target ONE

Target TWO

Good luck!!!!!!


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