Being lonely.

In this orange office, there’s a club called #forawhilealone. They are basically a group of single people that…:

– hangs out together and parties together.

The president of #forawhilealone:

Honestly, they’d been literally for a while alone. But Timoti, the president cooked up a fuss and formed a group -.- I love hanging out with them though. Funny loud witty bunch. But anyway, I stumbled upon a very interesting article. A sad nice story. You know how sometimes you would like to watch/read a nice sad story? Like Hachiko? Well this is about the loneliest whale in the world:

She/he sings alone at 52 hertz. Usually whales sing at 15 to 20 Hertz. Now because of this, no other whales could hear her/him. Sigh, this tone-deaf lonely whale have been alone for 19 years now (if he/she’s alive) They have been tracking her since year 1992).

My heart goes out to it. I would be oh so very sad.

Here’s the article: The loneliest whale in the world.

The big typo.

This post came about because I was so stressed out running campaign numbers all day long and reporting that I thought, alright, it is 5pm, time for a little browsing. So I did, that was when I found the whale article. AND thought of #forawhilealone club. I wanted to emphasis on what ‘REALLY BEING ALONE’ meant – the whale. Hence I thought the article should associate the club with the whale. So, it started off with asking Fresh for her picture. You see, out of the all the members of the club, Fresh hardly have pictures of herself, since she is always the one behind the lens (at least I was honest, straight up asked =P).

As usual, she suspected me of ‘up to no good’ deeds. But in the mean time she was getting me all excited about the ‘Up!’ house. Apparently Nat Geo built the house! The real thing.

Then she started making fun of how even my boyfriend asks me ‘What did I do’ when I said ‘I love you’. *rolleyes*

So as you can see, she was simultaneously scolding me about my post and telling me about the ‘Up!’ house. And I was checking out the link she passed and that was when:

I swear I meant to write ‘SO FRIGGIN AWESOME‘.


Anyway, the ‘Up!’ house: SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!


5 thoughts on “Being lonely.

  1. I feel so sad reading about the whale. 😦

    Oh yeah they formed the #forawhilealone club and never include #toogoodtobealone ppl in their activities anymore. 😦

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