Oh yay, Chinese New Year.

Could I sound anymore excited? Hah.

(Time to nourish my half chinese bit.) I feel like playing Sims.

Unfortunately my favourite cousin, Jon:

Yes him. He is a poser for pictures. *rolleyes* That is him acting cool. He usually REALLY look like this:

Jon have this knack for being a fool. So his presence is sorely missed. He calls from time to time and check up on my life and the man I’m with. Pfft. And he’s a year younger. I did however tell him to get a girlfriend before Valentine’s. He scolded me for speaking to him instead of Kal. Oh well.

Today he called me, I missed it, so he texted: “Check Kevin Khoo’s Facebook out!! The answer to what he’s been up to,”
Hahaha, yeah, we were wondering whatever happened to our 2nd cousin. Sorry, but we aren’t that close. He’s urm.. “oddish”.

Bahh.. This year’s reunion will be filled with: Me and my BlackBerry.

Thank gawd for BlackBerry. So anti-social. *smackself*

There used to be an apartment, who when people rang the doorbell, the sounds of draggy home slippers gets louder and louder, twist of the knob from side to side, pulled and pushed, opens.
In this apartment, its marble floor, stains your feet, from skin to dirt.
Through this apartment, we are met with clashing sounds of mahjong and voices, as we greet the elders.
A view of this apartment, right through the kitchen, or right to the green PU seats, or even to the balcony looking down to the pool, the only thing on our minds is “What time are we leaving?”
The tense atmosphere in this apartment, where dislikes are met with smiles, where snide remarks remains a thought, for we are proud people – and we know no honesty.
Right at this apartment, after dinner plates are kept, we run off to find a room, where we could deafen our sounds as we played silly games.
Out the windows of this apartment, we threw paper planes, tied strings long enough to be seen a few floors down.
In this room of this apartment, we learnt card games, we entertained ourselves are often met with yells to cork our voice.
The walls of this apartment, have kept too many secrets, from the scoldings for snack thieving, to cries of an in law, to curses of a spouse, to sneaks of an affair.
But often, we beg to lengthen our night in this apartment, as we just got acquainted, and we felt it is the best moments of our little lives.

There used to be an apartment, who we gave and took our childhood.
There used to be an apartment,  whom we hate to visit, and hate to leave.
There used to be an apartment, filled with scowls and laughter.
There used to be an apartment, who housed an old man and his wife.
There used to be an apartment, now lies bare and empty, with its value tripled by an earnest buyer.
There used to be an apartment.
There used to be an apartment, for me, for us, for once we admit – we are a family.

Happy Chinese New Year.


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