The Pain of Religion.


to not steal, to not hurt, and to not kill.

to help, to care and to love.

We need not any religion to tell us that.

I am appalled by what I’ve learnt. What I may be one day. And what you are.

It began with the horrid ways of men, hence come religion. But those were the days, stop trying to bring us back to those days. We have evolved. It takes guts to turn around and analyse, look at the flawed believe, accept the reality of it all and to man up and know, it is for the weak. It is for those who will lose their way without a leader to lead their path, to cling onto a believe in order to survive. But yet I believe the followers of each religion have a distinct characteristic. Loving a person and loving a person’s believe may not come to one. But what if the person you love loves their believe, but you don’t? Where does that leaves you? Being left, I would say.

Someone once told me, there are all gods, there is an afterlife, but everyone is united.

Unlike each and every believe, however, only a few disregards other religions/gods.


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