Angeline 3.


Miss Angeline? Well she’s back!

We had pillar meetings the other day. Pillar meeting is where, in teams supposedly, present on what they have done the past year and what are their new plans for the next half a year. And the best team presentation, which is broken down into – deck design, recap and new ideas, would win a prize. Angie’s in the Finance department (see my minion’s so powerful, I select well). Karen (my other minion who looks like an Egyptian now – in a good way), Sara and Jacqkie are in the Ad Ops team. Ad Ops are the ones who build the campaign, ie: banners and sponsored posts. All in all, they won. Total team spirit rules!! Wtheck, I’m not suppose to rejoice in their winning.

The reaction by Angie:

Doing a Sara means – stealing limelight. We have experienced many incidents of her shoving us into the shadows and soaking the sun. *shakes head in disappointment* Hahahahhaa.. kidding, well not really, but it ain’t that harsh.

The good thing about having minions are – they are always on your side. Though mine a bit ridonkulous from time to time:

She taught me how to argue for a Chanel. =)

Oh, she’s partially into girls. I think it is a secret tip to get what she wants during her ‘weekends’.



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