Sick People.

I love Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. They do have one of the best script writers. Many of you may not understand. I’m into drama, not ‘real doctor-patient-life-and-death’ situation. So please, don’t damn the movie you lil wannabe doctors.

The world is a bad place. We know that. I constantly wonder about the news. Last time, you don’t see much of crimes in the news unlike now. At least not this violent. Do you think it is because the gatekeeping was more strict then? Not to ‘terrify’ the public? Or is that the world is actually getting worst?

Baby dumping was brought to light, and suddenly the newspapers are filled with it. Murders have now reached to the level of police bribing (happens at every corner). Now, human lives have little value. Do you really go into a shock when you read about a murder/rape victim? How long does that disgust last? See my point, human lives have little value. Let’s try blaming the government for allowing imbeciles to walk our grounds, calling it home. But why not blame our society? For being such a stingy ass and prefer to endanger the lives of their own people to save a few thousands/millions. We are definitely 1 Malaysia when it comes to this. *applauds* But what about our own people, our own doing? Like baby dumping? Uneducated? Our schools are not expensive. Our books are free. Who are you people? Who are your parents? Who are your teachers?

In what point in your life you decide “Hey, I want to be a Monster and a scum to the society.”

That woman Addison, she makes me believe in hell. She makes me need to believe in hell. So she can go there.

Quote: Dr Violet Turner, Private Practice.

There is no god when it comes to these. I hate it when something bad happens to someone, like a child got raped and murdered and stuffed into a bag. And they call it fate. WHAT BLOODY FATE are you agreeing upon? “Oh it is fate, but I want the bad guy to be caught.” Hell, if that ever happens to me and YOU CALL IT FATE? I’ll come back and haunt you. No one sane person would stand there and say “This is my fate, you can murder me now.” I bet they fought. They fought hard in that fogged up mind of theirs. If god allowed that horrible incident to happen to your child, do you really want the same god to be judging in after-life? He’s not Angeline Jolie, who break up families but does charity so she’s labelled an angel.

Picture by: Real Life Sprituality

Slow justice is no justice.

Quote: Faster, trailer.

Dwell in it.


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