Today, I shall prove to all of you out there that, sometimes, my monkey methods are really just called for.

See these are all not my doings:

Now… THESE are my doings:

But all in all, who get to blog about their boss and not be penalised for it?
Or disturb their boss and not be sun to dry like the smelly but yummy cuttlefish?

To get over Monday blues, sometimes we rename ourselves over Windows Live Messenger, just to screw with the person’s brain. Like on this particular Monday we named ourselves ‘Hag’ and change to ‘Kirsten’ and also to ‘Olive’. And:

It is the 28th of December. Somewhere in err Unknown Hup Seng Land, NicChay is asleep.

Because it is his birthday.

And he gets to sleep.

Happy Birthday NicChay.

It is true when we say men age like wine:



And his favourite song is Bleeding Love.

But now it is Fireworks.



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