Presents time~~

I got Fresh:

and a mood changer perfume too. Haha.. I didn’t manage to take a pic of it *smacks head* But basically with a note of Jasmine, it is suppose to help her “chill”. Seriously!

For RahRah:

It is really huge. (from elbow to almost fingertips) Since you know, she’s moving into a new house sometime next year? Well, she told me her room tone and I thought this would suit our whole love for really nice/vintage stuff =) Plus, I stuffed a picture of us. Hah! (yes, we desperately need new pics!)

And her odd love for no heel shoes. I know blingbling may not be her thing, but it is really comfy!!!!!!!!!! And it reminds me of the shape of her feet. Errr.. yeah.

For my minion:

For my indian friend who speaks fluent BM and News Straits Times English:

I’ve got more pressies for people but it’s not wrapped just yet!!!! So next post! =)

Now onto what I received =)

From people who I work with:

Ohmg, Firdy gave me a damn lomo camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shocked*excited*

Ming made Elisa do did some intensive research, and got me awesome River Island clutch!!! Damn I miss River Island =)

From the people who are close to me:

Daddy: Usually when we are off for the holidays and he is at home alone, he tends to spend on us. I can’t remember the past year presents =P But this year, after I got back from my cruise I saw alllllllllllllllllllllll these presents in my socks and under the Xmas tree. Yes, I know it is not 25th yet, but ohmg, me? Resisting NOT opening? (I opened EVERYBODY’s one. =P)

Heeeheeeheeeheeee!! My Daddy gave me Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Beauty Set! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA =D

Random Nike bags from Daddy too =S I think he is hinting me to head to the gym. Pfft.

A really cute clown money cow, to encourage me to not spend? (Yeah, he sees my bill each month =|) He also gave me a book by Cecelia Ahern, The Book of Tomorrow. Grrh~~ I love reading. I wish I’d more time for that.

But, the best present of all this Christmas was from Yuenny:

The note that was attached to it, really means a lot. A whole lot. *hugs* It of course did not erase the year but this brought a touching conclusion.

Now that the year have passed. The actual Christmas date isn’t here yet.. and new year’s around the corner~~

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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